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The link between THIRUKADAIYUR, OPPILIAPPAN KOIL and SAVANUR (imagined conversations between a few divine characters, all revolving around Markandeya and Satya Bodharu [moola roopa: Markandeya]):

Markendaya: My name is Markandeya. I have a problem.Shiva: I can see that Yama is chasing you; just enter my sanctum, embrace me and stay put. He wont come inside. I will consult the Lord at Oppiliappan Koil and come back.

 Shiva: Oh Lord, our devotee Markandeya has a very big problem, the time has come for him to go. He doesn't want to depart.Oppiliappan (Vishnu): What is time -- it is just transit of sun and moon---they are in the sky, and also in Markandeya's body -- I will stop the sun and moon movement inside Markandeya. He wont cross sixteen. He wont die. Ask him to stop trembling and come here. I have 3 assignments for him.


Oppiliappan to Markendeya: Come my child Markandeya, I have renamed this kshetra as Markandeya kshetra for your permanent stay (1st assignment). You can go daily to Medhavi rishi at Nachiarkoil and learn dvaita. In 1744, you will take over siddhanta samrajya pontificate from Sathyapriyaru (2nd assignment).


SAVANUR---AROUND 1770Satya Bodharu: Oh Vishnu, I am under treatment for poisoning, and have been advised not to take prasada until evening. My sishyas are mocking me for doing puja and taking prasada after sunset Please redeem me from this situation.

Vishnu: Just recall what you were teaching in the morning--I have Independent Time--So, I am recalling the sun who has set to show your sishyas the sun when you take prasada.

Markandeya: Lord, please tell me the 3rd assignmentYou will be witness to my great recall of everything unto me--the great deluge.ALILE KRISHNARPANAMASTU

Legend:Thirukadaiyur - the place where Markandeya was granted relief from death, by Shiva.Savanur - Satya Bodharu makes the sun appear after sunset when mocked by some of his sishyas. 

Oppiliappan Koil - Satya Bodharu (moola roopa: Markandeya) emerges from here.  

- B. Sarvothaman

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