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know more about pUrNapramati - a school of our own ....

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|| Sri VedavyasO vijayathE ||

|| Sri Madhwa munibhyO namaha ||


namaskAra all,


The last two mails regarding having our own school with a mix of Modern and Traditional curriculum, is now set to roll.


The name of our school is - pUrNapramati





We are glad to share this important update with you all.


pUrNapramati - A center for integrated learning, is an initiative of Satyatirtha Foundation Trust ® .

The Foundation has already done several works in the areas of MAn-e-script, now addressing the needs of

Education, and has plans to venture into Health & Environment in the near future.


The formal registration of the Trust was carried out on Feb 20th, with people from different walks, coming together to achieve a common goal, for the betterment of our society.










Few of our Trustees met H.H. Sri 1008 Sri Vishwesha Tirtha Sripadangalavaru (Pejawar Mutt) to seek his blessings and support. Sri.Swamiji blessed us by agreeing to be "Mentor of pUrNnapramati" and also have "Partnership with PPVP".


We were also accompanied by our advisors Vidwan Prof. D Prahladacarya and Vidwan Sri Haridas Bhat.

As luck and blessings favoured us today we also had the privilege of meeting Vidwan Sri Bannanje Govindacharya and he too was supportive. Vidwan Sri. Raja Pavamanacharya (Mantralaya) has promised all kind of support from his side to this noble cause.


We were also fortunate enough to get the anugraha of Vidwan Sri Guttal Rangacharya and Vidwan

Sri Guttal Vidyadheeshacharya, who have been the guiding light to us from the first day.


Please go through the attached pamphlet, which gives a brief about what we are and what we offer to your kids' future and the methodology.


We are thankful to all those parents, who have shown overwhelming response and also have come forward to take up vaious responsibilities related to the activities of our school.


We are going ahead with this academic year, starting from May 2010, with PreKG, LKG, UKG and 1st Standard.


For those prospective parents, who are intereted and have heard about this but need more info,

we are opening a information kiosk at Poorna Prajna Vidya Peeta premises. This is open for next 3 days

between 4pm-8pm. Please come to us, discuss your priorities, share your concerns, seek information, get clarifications, be part of this 'never before' venture.


Please contact us at following numbers - 984 584 4627 / 990 208 9370 / 990 018 0550 / 984 501 0235



on Behalf of Team pUrNapramati







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