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Proposed Jnyana Satra at Goregaon, Mumbai, from 26th February to 1st March, 2010.

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Dear Reader,

Jorapur Brothers, with the help of Satyadhyana Vidyapeetha, Mulund and Shri Anand Vihar Vidyalaya Trust, Borivali, have arranged a jnyana satra from 26th February, to 1st March, 2010, at their residence at Goregaon, as performance of aaradhana of Sri Sri 1008 Sri Vyasaraja Teertha Swamiji, Sri Sri 1008 Sri Vadiraj Teertha Swamiji, Sri Sri 1008 Sri Sudheendra Teertha Swamiji and Sri Sri 1008 Sri Satyabodha Teertha Swamiji.Prominent scholars have agreed to grace the occasion and enlighten on different aspects of Maadhwa philosophy and related subjects.

The jnyana satra will be unique in the sense that apart from philosophical topics, scholars will deal with subjects like how one can achieve faster spiritual progress even while leading a normal life and stress-management on the basis of the teachings of the Bhagawad Gita.

Stress management is the need of the hour. In that respect, the jnyana satra will be of immense value to all of us, especially those, who are living in metropolitan cities, which, of late, have become virtual stress-zones. Most important of all, it will offer an opportunity to lead a more successful, meaningful and purposeful life.

The organisers are aware that while Maadhwa Bandhus living in the neighbourhood would attend the jnyana satra, others staying far way would be denied its benefits. Therefore, they have made arrangements through the Satyadhyana Vidyapeetha to web-cast it live on www.svp.com. 

Madhwa's Teachings earnestly appeals to its readers staying in and around Goregaon to attend the jnyana satra and others to log on to www.svp.co.in.

An invitation giving details such as place and time of the jnyana satra, the names of the scholars and the subjects they would speak on, is enclosed for your convenience.

With best regards,

Ramachandra Tammannacharya Gutti



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