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shrImadharikathAmR^itasAra - by Sri SGP CHAR - HKAS_04-29

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  I pariyalachyutana tatta

drUpa tannAmagaLa sale nA

nA padARthadi nenenenedu bhuMjisutaliru viShaya

prApaka sthApaka niyAmaka

vyApakanuyeMdaridu nI ni

RlEpanAgiru puNya pApagaLanaRpisavanaDige.......HKAS_04-29


I pariyali =as described in the previous stanzas

achyutana = indestructible ParamAtma

tattadrUpa = rupa-s in bhOjana yOgya items

tannAmagaLa = called by those names

nAnA padARthadi = various types of food items bhaxa and bhOjya-s

nenenenedu = meditating on the respective names in those items

viShaya = those things which provide us satisfaction

bhuMjisutaliru = eat your food

prApaka = He is the Provider of food to all jIva-s

sthApaka = after liMga bhaMga He puts the jIva-s in their respective positions

niyAmaka = He is the Regulator

vyApakanu = He pervades everywhere

yeMdaritu = understanding that ParamAtma is all the above stated

nI = you (here all the jIva-s are being addressed)

niRlEpanAgiru = stay unaffected like the Lotus in the water

puNya pApagaLanu = puNya or pApa originating from good or bad kaRma-s

avanaDige = at the Lotus Feet of the biMba rUpi ParamAtma

aRpisu = offer them to Him


JagannAtha dAsa advises us that we must experience and enjoy the various rasa-s in the food we eat by meditating on the names, rUpa-s, guNa-s and kriya-s, in the various types of yOgya food items by being aware that He is the bhOjya and bhOktR^i as described in the various stanzas of this saMdhi.


ParamAtma is indestructible; He neither has a beginning nor an end, neither affected by birth and death. If we eat our food by always meditating on such khaMDAkhaMDa rUpa-s of ParamAtma, then he routs the pApa-s related to those kriya-s and gives them the experience of the puNya phala only and gives them 'sadgati'.


ParamAtma causes the arrival of the jIva into sR^iShTi. He is called 'prApaka' and also, since He provides them food from time to time He is called 'prApaka'.


Since He reaches the food into our stomach, digesting the same, dispenses the nutrition to the sharIra He is called 'sthApak'. After liMga dEha bhaMga the tri-jIva-s obtain their state of existence as per yOgyata. He is therefore called 'sthApaka'.


Since He is in control of the entire vyApara of the Universe, He is rightly called the 'niyAmaka'. All belongs to Him and He is in control of them. He alone is independent and His own Master. All the chEtana-s and the jaDa-s are controlled by Him. Thus He is 'niyAmaka'. Pevading in the iMdriya-s does and makes the jIva do various kriya-s for their salvation. He is thus 'niyAmaka'.


Since He pervades in things of all sizes right from the blade of grass to all jIva-s He is called 'vyApaka'. Although He pervades in all the jIva-s and jaDa-s He is entirely different from any of those.


With the knowledge that He is such excellent prApaka, sthApaka, niyAmka and vyApaka ParamAtma, if we offer our puNya and pApa phala-s arising out of our kaRma at His Lotus Feet then ParamAtma protects us from being affected by those kaRma-s and we could be eligible for mOxa anugraha.



shri kR^ishnarpanamastu

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