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Sri Pradyumnacharya Joshi - Upanyasa

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Pravachana ಉಪನà³à²¯à²¾à²¸

by madhwa shaastra sampanna

Sri Pradyumnacharya Joshi

ಮ|ಶಾ|ಸಂ ಶà³à²°à³€ ಪà³à²°à²¦à³à²¯à³à²®à³à²¨à²¾à²šà²¾à²°à³à²¯ ಜೋಷಿ"Mahabharatha" upanyasafrom 22.02.2010 to 24.02.2010

Daily @ 6.45pm


Venue : Shakambari Nagar Rayara Mutt, Bangalore "ಮಧà³à²µà²°à²¾à²¯à²° ಕರà³à²£ ಪಡೆಯದವ ಧರೆಯೊಳಗೆ ಇದà³à²¦à²°à³‡à²¨à³ ಇಲà³à²²à²¦à²¿à²¦à³à²¦à²°à³‡à²¨à³"http://www.sumadhwaseva.com/ ಹರಿಸರà³à²µà³‹à²¤à³à²¤à²®, ವಾಯà³à²œà³€à²µà³‹à²¤à³à²¤à²®, ಪಂಚಭೇದ, ತಾರತಮà³à²¯à²¨à²°à²¹à²°à²¿à²¸à³à²®à²§à³à²µ (9916904341) Narahari Sumadhwa



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