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shrImadharikathAmR^itasAra - by Sri SGP CHAR - HKAS_04-26

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  jIva kR^ita kaRmagaLa biDade ra

mAvaranu sVIkarisi phalagaLa


pAvakanu saRvasva bhuMjisi

tA vikAravanaidanommegu

pAvakane pAvananenipa hariyuMbudEnaridu.........HKAS_04-26


jIva kR^ita = those (kaRma-s)done by tri-jIva-s

kaRmagaLa = kaRma-s

biDade = without leaving

ramAvaranu = laxmIpati ParamAtma

sVIkarisi = accepts them

phalagaLa = phala-s according to those kaRma-s

adhikArAnusAradali = according to the yogyata of those jIva-s (after liMga bhaMga - nitya sukha for mukti yOgya-s, mishra phala for nitya saMsArin-s and nitya dukhaH for tamO yOgya-s)

avarige = to the above jIva-s

anavarata = always

Ivanu = would give

pAvakanu = just like agni

saRvasva = who consumes everything offered to him without discrimination

bhuMjisi = although he (agni) consumes everything as is food

tA = he (agni)

vikAravanaidanu = would not get disfigured

ommegu = even once

pAvanake = to those pure things

pAvananenipa = known as Purifier

hari = biMba rUpi ParamAtma

uMbudu = accepting the kaRma-s offered by jIva-s

Enaridu = is there any cause of surprise? (Meaning - ther is no surprise in that at all)


Existing as the Regulator in the trijIva-s, He performs biMba kriya-s as per their yOgyata and He is thus the kaRma sAxI (witness) too. He would accept the kaRma-s of those devotees who offer it to Him.


'agni' is saRvabhaxaka - meaning he consumes everything offered to him during yaj~na, i.e. ghee, milk, curds and other havissu (anything offered as an oblation with fire to please the deities) reaches them to the respective dEvata-s. Thus the dEvata-s receive their offerings via agni.


However, if we offer useless items or garbage to agni, they too would get burnt up but agni would not be contaminated by the dOSha-s (demerits) of those things and agni remains pure.


In the same way ParamAtma is " pAvana " i.e. Purifier as stated in viShNusahasra nAma shloka referred below:-


bhUta-bhavya-bhavannAthaH pavanaH pAvanOnalah     |

kAmahA kAma-kR^it kAMtaH kAmaH kAma-pradaH prabhuH   || V S nAmA-32


The power of Ganges to purify anyone from all sins is because of its contact with His Sacred Feet. 


The impurities of a personality are gathered when the mind and intellect, in a natural impulse of animal voluptuousness, rush towards the sense-objects with ego-centric passion. The purification by His power occurs when we peacefully let our minds settle in contemplation of the divine nature and eternal glory of shrI nArAyaNa.


Thus the acts such as taking bath in  holy rivers, visiting divya kshetra-s, etc., are the ways of our ridding ourselves of sins, when we undertake these acts with the faith and belief that ParamAtma is present in these rivers and divya kshetra-s. Thinking of Him, worshipping His divya maMgaLa vigraha-s, singing His praise, performing pUja for Him, meditating on Him, prostrating, etc., are all ways to remove our sins through His purifying power.


He is thus " pAvakane pAvananenipa " and He accepts all the kaRma-s offered by His devotees but He is never affected by the phala-s of those kaRma-s nor does He get distorted in any way. Hence there is no great surprise in His accepting the kaRma-s offered by jIva-s.



shri kR^ishnarpanamastu

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