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shrImadharikathAmR^itasAra - by Sri SGP CHAR - HKAS_04-25

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  gaNaneyillada paramasukha sa

dguNagaNaMgaLa lEshalEshake

eNeyenisadu ramAbja bhavashakrAdigaLa sukhavu

uNutuNutamai maredu kR^iShNA

RpaNavenalu kaikoMbanaRbhaka

janani bhOjana samayadali kaiyoDDuvaMdadali...HKAS_04-25


gaNaneyillada = infinite numbers

parama = extremely unusual

sukha = AnaMda (happiness)

sadguNagaNaMgaLa = group of good guNa-s

lEshalEshake = least of the less (extremely small portion)

ramA = laxmIdEvi

abjabhava = chatuRmukha Brahma

shakra = iMdra

AdigaLa = primarily these and others

sukhavu = (their) ANaMda

eNeyenisadu = never equal

uNutuNuta = while eating food

maimaredu = forgetting everything connected to our iMdriya-s  and with a sense of devotion

kR^iShNARpaNavenalu = offering to ParamAtma saying - KR^iShNARpaRNa

janani bhOjana samayadali = while a mother is eating her food

aRbhaka = her child

kaiyoDDuvaMdadali = just as he forwards his hand asking for food

kaikoMba =He accepts


ParamAtma is an infinite mass of happiness and knowledge. All His guNa-s are complete by themselves and infinite in numbers. He posseses such number infinite virtuous qualities that there is none equal to Him. Perhaps we can count all the living creatures in the Sea, or measure the dimensions of the Universe or find the mass of the Earth but it is impossible to either know about the infinite virtuous qualities of ParamAtma or His rUpa-s, nAma-s or kriya-s.


Even if we sum up the AnaMda of 'axara' ramA dEvi and the 'xara' class of Brahma, R^idra, iMdra and others groups of mukti yOgya chEtana-s, even then this sum would not equal to the AnaMda of ParamAtma. Realizing that ParamAtma is Supreme and remembering Him at the time of consuming every morsel of food by saying - KR^iShNa, gOviMda, mAdhava.....we should offer it to Him thus - KR^iShNARpaNa.


Just as a child forwards his hand asking for food and accepts the food from his mother who is eating her food, in the same way ParamAtma accepts the food offered by His affectionate devotees although ParamAtma is ever satisfied as He is Himself the bhOjya & bhOkTR^i and does not expect anything from anyone.



shri kR^ishnarpanamastu

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