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Subscription announcement for Sri Ranganatha Paduka, commencement subscription for E-edition of English version . .

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Sreemathe Ranga Ramanuja Mahadesikaya Namaha


With the blessings of H.H. Sri Ranga Ramanuja Mahadesikan, we are pleased to announce the commencement of annual subscriptions for

English VERSION of Sri Ranganatha Paduka.

This will be an E- Magazine to start with. As already informed to the group, this is an English translation of the current Tamil Magazine. The reason being, our Editor of Sri Ranganatha Paduka,spends a lot of time in compiling and editing the articles that appear in the Tamil version. We would like to capitalise on his rich experience of working with many of our Acharyas. Translation and transliteration is now being handled by a team of experts on our Sampradayam and all of you will have the full satisfaction for the subscription cost incurred.

What we now need is the full support from all of you to for Sri Ranganatha Paduka.

Overseas rs have the option of choosing E Editions either Tamil Version or English version ( or both ) . The rates are in the attachement along with this e mail.

Indian residents already getting print edition by normal post Tamil version already. For the benefit of those, who could not read Tamil, we are starting subscriptions for E Edition of English version of Sri Ranganatha Paduka. As per the approval given by H.H., annual subscription will be @ Rs. 360 per year, which works out to Rs. 30 per month. Yes, E Edition gives you a personal copy and you can access from your mail box any time, any place, without carrying a physical copy.

This will be a great advantage to all the devotees in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh , Maharashtra and in the north like Delhi.

My request is that all of them to at the earliest and also spread the message to all your friends around you to also.

This will be really a great service to Ashramam from your side.

Once again , I appeal to all Trustees and Managers of Ashramam branches in Bangalore Sripuram, bangalore Jaya Nagar, Hyderabad Kapra, Secundrabad, Mumbai Goregan, Dombivili, and Delhi Vaikuntanath Temple to put up in their notice boards prominently a copy of the subscription information attached with this.

Sri Ramanuja Mission will do a similar exercise, whenever Permal and Paduka sancharams take place in USA.


Note: Approximate time of publication of English version E Edition of SRP, will be in the third week of every calender month


If any of you need clarification, you may contact me by e mail R.Srinivasan, r_sv @. Thsoe of you residing in USA, may contact Raman Aravamudhan, ramanaravamudhan @.



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Ranganatha Paduka Subsxription.doc

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