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From Diamond kalkaNdu to Sri Ranganatha Paadukaa

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Srimathe RangaRamanuja MahaDesikaya NamahaSrimathe SrinivasaRamanuja MahaDesikaya Namaha Srimathe VedanthaRamanuja MahaDesikaya Namaha Dear Bhagavathas: This is, His Holiness Srimath Thirukudanthai Andavan's ThiruNakshthram weekend. One of the greatest Acharyas of our age; an event of great celebration. Several people have already written about His very special guNas. adiyen would like to recall the following which are very close to His Holiness Thirukudanthai Andavan. Please see attached special picture (sorry if you already have it; don't know where adiyen got it ) 1) Attachment to His Thirukkudanthai Aravamudhu perumaaL -- Let us pray

to Him and recite a passuram that HH also recited during His upanyaasam (rather emotionally for not being able to go that temple often anymore). à®…à®´à¯à®µà®©à¯ தொழà¯à®µà®©à¯ ஆடிகà¯

காணà¯à®ªà®©à¯ * பாடி

அலறà¯à®±à¯à®µà®©à¯ *

தழà¯à®µà®²à¯ வினையால௠பகà¯à®•à®®à¯ நோகà¯à®•à®¿ * நாணிக௠கவிழà¯à®¨à¯à®¤à®¿à®°à¯à®ªà¯à®ªà®©à¯ *

செழà¯à®µà¯Šà®£à¯ பழனகà¯

கà¯à®Ÿà®¨à¯à®¤à¯ˆà®•à¯ கிடநà¯à®¤à®¾à®¯à¯ * செநà¯à®¤à®¾à®®à®°à¯ˆà®•à¯ கணà¯à®£à®¾ *

தொழà¯à®µà®©à¯‡à®©à¯ˆ உனதாள௠சேரà¯à®®à¯ * வகையே சூழ௠கணà¯à®Ÿà®¾à®¯à¯

azhuvan thozhuvan aadik kaaNban * paadi alatRRuvan *

thazhuval vinaiyaal pakkam nokki * naaNik kavizhnthiruppan *

sezhuvoN pazhanak kudanthaik kidanthaai * senthaamaraik kaNNaa *

thozhuvanenai una thaaL serum * vagaiye soozh kaNdaay


ThiruvaayMozhi 5-8 ... Nammazhwaar ThiruvadigaLe saraNam. HH's attachment temple mangaLaasasasanam is well known from His great long distance yaathras. But Thirukudanthai Aravamudhu perumaaL is always special. 2) Attachment to Thirupaavai koodiya Divya prabhandham -- He is known as Thirupaavai Kannan swaamigaL. 3) Attachment to Sishyas -- All our Acharyas have abundant affection for Shishyas; This is very well known. but please allow me to narrate a memorable event from adiyen's life.adiyen, some 25 years ago, while at PSG College of Technology, by good fortune, decided to go to Srirangam to seek His Holiness Srimath ThirukKudanthai Andavan's blessings !!Those days, we needed permission, all elders at home would want to join, that too after a lot of preparations. This invariably meant rare trips to Ashramam; so going alone on my own was a rebel activity of sorts. I guess, elders were afraid that we might use

some inappropriate (loukika) expressions to

The Acharya. HH always showed abundant affection. so, adiyen was confident.But half way through I was a bit nervous. adiyen used to read Sri Ranganatha Padukaa to my mother. so HH's affection for His voor perumaaL was well reported. after a few temple stops, went to Thirukkudanthai PerumaaL temple to seek perumaaL's Anugraham to visit Acharyan Ashramam. Unfortunately temple was closed that day; may be because adiyen went there only as an after thought, to impress adiyen's Acharyan (still waiting to go there). With sadness & nervousness adiyen continued & reached Srirangam Srimath Andavan Ashramam in the evening. His Holiness was observing mauna vratham (pradosham ?) near Periya Andavan sannati. Shishyas in the Ashramam asked me to wait; but HH overruled them and signaled me to go close by. after adiyen submitted the Diamond kalkaNdu (which adiyen had observed to be dear to HH), fruits and

prostrated at His feet, HH started inquiring (by signals) who adiyen was, native place, where abouts etc. The moment adiyen mentioned Utthiramerur, HH had so many more questions inquiring about the well being of so many more people, temple and so on. This conversation continued for long! This is an unbelievable experience of adiyen's life. HH's affection for Shishyas (even unknown, undeserving sishyass like adiyen) is unfathomable, He would not want them to wait. nor would he wait to talk to them. HH gave His Niyamanam that adiyen should stay back that night at the Ashramam itself. after a lot more of conversations and food; adiyen went to bed. but HH would not rest until He personally came over to make sure that adiyen was extended good facilities !! electrified, adiyen jumped up; that environment teaches how to behave. Even at that hour, HH's humor always came to help. அவா ஆதà¯à®¤à¯à®² ரொமà¯à®ª சௌகரà¯à®¯à®®à®¾ இரà¯à®•à¯à®•à¯à®®à¯à®Ÿà®¾ (avaa aathule romba sowgaryama irruukum daa) . all of us laughed; those magnanimous shishyas came back to give me a few more blankets. Next day early morning adiyen had the bhagyam of HH agreeing to take me along to KoLLida karai snanam. adiyen thoughtfully went downstream and received Acharyan's Paadukaa Theertham right there!! On my own stayed on till the evening before heading back to college. Very memorable day. Wrote a detailed transcription and mailed it to elders, to address their concerns.

No child or youth need to be afraid to visiting the ashramam to seek Acharyan's blessings. Many more memorable blessings from HH Mysore Andavan and HH prakrutham Andavan. adiyen still offers diamond kalKaNdu after Paadukaa Aaraadhanam every day. Finally , Attachment to Sri Ranganatha Paadukaa. Even here it might have been His affection to shishyas that prompted the start of this magazine. His desire to communicate and bless shishyas had no limits. HH Srimath Thirukudanthai Andavan is the founder of this great magazine. Prakrutham Andavan, as in the case of everything else, has continued to bless us and enhance many times over. Recently HH has also blessed us with English edition of Sri Ranganatha Paadukaa. A perfect gift to your family and friends. costs just $12 per year ($1 a month). Please get all your family and friends to . Only few more days left for

Chithrai (Tamizh new year issue.. already in the works.. many surprises ... don't miss the new year edition) daasan Utthiramerur Raman Aravamudhan --- On Thu, 3/18/10, Raman Aravamudhan <ramanaravamudhan wrote:Raman Aravamudhan <ramanaravamudhanSri Ranganatha Paaduka (English)"SRI" , "Andvan-Group" <andavan >Cc: , oppiliappan Date: Thursday, March 18, 2010, 2:34 PMSrimathe VedanthaRamanuja MahaDesikaya Namaha Srimathe SrinivasaRamanuja MahaDesikaya Namaha Srimathe RangaRamanuja MahaDesikaya Namaha Dear Bhagavathas: adiyen daasan raman aravamudhan with a humble submission. Srirangam Srimath Andavan

Ashramam’s monthly magazine “Sri Ranganatha Paduka“ is the most eagerly read

book by all Srimath Andavan Sishyas as well as Ashramam abhimaanees all over the globe. We often hear such stories of very devoted Bhagavathas who (without the ability to read tamizh) would just place the Sri Ranganatha Paduka on their head, flip through pictures and browse through the rare English articles or even wait for a tamizh aware friend to read it aloud for them; typically these are people who already have the advantage of association with their Acharyan and sampradayam. The devotion and faith

of this large group is supreme; we

must serve them. Even more important is our second generation. They are schedule-based-performers; voracious readers, imaginary writers living in the age of internet and they like

to internalize the meaning. They have phenomenal memory but are

not for recitation of slokas! They like to read or write. They

are effectively English only (though they can speak other languages). loukikas like adiyen often wonder how our elementary school going kids know a lot of Krishna and Rama stories than we actually told them! Pioneering kainkaryam has already been done by many of you; sloka

classes are offered free, slokas are published free in many languages, hundreds of excellent ebooks are being released, blogs , Temples have been built, annual utsavams, Acharyan Thirunakshathrams and large gatherings of devotees. The foundation is strong. But there is a need to bridge the enchanting Krishna-Rama stories to the philosophy and samprayadam; We need to offer them abundant authentic English based reading materials on our sampradayam; probably provide them a forum to write. If the climb is very steep they will not persist. It has to be abundant because they like choice & we wish to drown the noise. It has to be authentic because there are all kinds misleading books on Hinduism, sharNagati and what not. Finally it has to be regular because these are schedule based performers. It is a huge challenge ; a very heavy lift. "சனà¯à®® சனà¯à®®à®¾à®¨à¯à®¤à®°à®®à¯ காதà¯à®¤à¯ அடியாரà¯à®•à®³à¯ˆà®•à¯ கொணà¯à®Ÿà¯ போயà¯

தனà¯à®®à¯ˆ பொரà¯à®¤à¯à®¤à®¿à®¤à¯ தன௠தாளிணைக௠கீழ௠கொளà¯à®³à¯à®®à¯ அபà¯à®ªà®©à¯ˆ " பà¯à®°à®¾à®°à¯à®¤à¯à®¤à®¿à®ªà¯à®ªà¯‹à®®à¯....நமà¯à®®à®¾à®´à¯à®µà®¾à®°à¯ திரà¯à®µà®Ÿà®¿à®•à®³à¯‡ சரணம௠"sanma sanmaantharam kaatthu adiyaargaLaik koNdu pOy

tanmai porutthit thann taaLinaik keezh koLLum appanai" praarthipOm ..nammaazhwaar thiruvadigaLe saraNamOur Acharyan always shows us the path and has blessed us to publish the English version of SriRanganatha Paadukaa starting from January 2010.Please visit www.andavan.org or www..org. January -March editions are offered complimentary. After that it is priced at

just $12 per year (a $1/month) ; even a cup of coffee costs more. The people involved in the translation are experts in translation, transliteration and e-publishing; some of them have their own blogs and websites of fame. We thank the overwhelming response from people wanting to

. The impact is tremendous. A second grader recently contacted adiyen regarding an article in February issue. Paadukai's influence is amazing

indeed! Please don't listen to people who say that "it will be sitting in their inbox", "they wont read it"; "translation takes the taste out of the original" and so on. Even if they read one article a month or just flip through, it is a good start. Association with Paadukai is a Fast breeder. If we try we will succeed.Now we need your help and participation: 1) Have all your friends & family and get them to . 2) Keep a target of at least 10 people for you to find. 3) one subscription per email (no need to forward at all) 4) organize community reading of Sri Ranganatha Paadukaa. adiyen's mother (vakundavaasi Smt. Anandavalli) used to ask me to read it for her.5) volunteer to translate and write to us. Finally, if you know tamizh, please continue to read the original.

That is the best. even though the group of volunteers involved in translation are experts in translation, transliteration. How to Subscribe: Chithirai 2010 (April 15th issue) onwards For US/Canada rs $12 per year. Please send an email with details of name and email id and a contact phone #. To : "Sri R.Srinivasan" r_sv with CC: "Sri Raman Aravamudhan" ramanaravamudhan For others & Indian residents For Indian residents we plan

to bring out printed edition . Please send an email To : "Sri R.Srinivasan" r_sv

with details of name and email id and a

contact phone #. Thank you for your time,dasan Utthiramerur Raman Aravamudhan



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