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Fw: Happy Birthday Shree Ram

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----- Forwarded Message ----Krishna <cishnaTue, 23 March, 2010 5:33:41 PMHappy Birthday Shree Ram





Rama MantraNeelambhuj shyamalkomlang Sita SamaropitvambhagamPano MahasaikacharoochapamNamame Ramam RaghuvanshnathamRama Gayatri MantraOm Daserathaya VidhmaheSita Vallabhaya DheemaheThanno Rama Prachodayath.


Ram Navami March 24 2010 S celebrated in order to commemorate the birth of Lord Rama. As Rama was considered the seventh incarnation of Lord Maha Vishnu, the festival is held in high regard by Hindus all over the world. On this day, the devotees of Ram all over the world observe fast and engage in the worship of Ram. It is said that Ram Navami is one of the most ancient festivals in the country and when, there was class division in the society Ramnavami was one of the few festival that the shudras (lower class) people were allowed to celebrate, so from time immemorial, Ram Navami is the festival of masses.Apart from God or avtar (incarnation) of God, Lord Ram is regarded as an ideal king, ideal son, ideal husband and an ideal brother. It is said that Ram naam (the name of Lord Rama) in itself is a divine mantra and simply chanting this

Ram (Ra ma) helps one to attain salvation.


Brahma advises Narada that in this Kali yuga one should do japa of Narayana Mantra, to get what we desire in this worldWhatever we desire we can achieve, by simple way: Brahma Xplains to Narada


Narada asks, "If it is Narayana's Name that has to be chanted are there not 1008 Names for Him? Which one should be chanted?"


Brahma says,


"Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare! Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare!"


Narada, "Would we attain Brahma Jnana through this Naama?"


Brahma, "It will come about if uttered three and a half crores times."


Narada, "How to keep count of it?"


Brahma, "If a man chants this everyday for 4 hours, it would add up to 3 1/2 crores in 16 years."


Thus, have Mahans have kept count. It is very simple.


Narada asks, "Is there any fast rules and regulations to be followed?"


Brahma, "There is no rule or regulation governing this. That is very the rule!"


One can chant it before eating or after eating, while sweeping, walking, travelling, lying down, even in the toilet. There is no restriction as to time and place. Chanting the Naama does not call for help from another. There is no fear of going wrong. It does not involve any kind of expense. It is a very simple path that earns the highest benefit.


Hare Ram



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