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It is Not for You, It is For the World - Please Explain ?

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-Shree Hari-Namaste!See this extract from Swamiji daily message below - 'Everything that is done with the three bodies - gross (sthool), causal (kaaran) and (shukshma) is all for the benefit of the world'.I wonder if learned Sadhaks could explain the nature of the causal, and the subtle bodies?Om... Shanti...Mike (K).


|| Shree Hari ||Ram Ram

13th March 2010, Saturday, Chaitra Krishna Trayodashi

Vikram Samvat 2066, Sri Krishna Samvaat 5235

Question: This body is not mine, then what kind of relationship should we have with this body? Considering it as God's, should we give it the best of all (bhog) foods or should we become detached and give it dry pieces of bread (roti) for it's sustainance?

Swamiji: Whatever you get, you offer it to this body, as long as it is pure. Everything that is done with the three bodies - gross (sthool), causal (kaaran) and subtle (shukshma) is all for the benefit of the world. With the gross body, one can perform actions for the world. With the causal body, on can listen to scriptures (shravana), chant holy name of God (kirtana), rememberance of Lord's pastimes (smarana) etc., All this is to be done for the world. With the causal (kaaran) body one can meditate, can become single-pointed etc. for the benefit of the world.

With the gross body all actions and objects are to be utilized for the service of the world. One is not to allow the gross body to become lazy, to become a sense enjoyer (bhogi). One must constantly be "alert" (savdhaan). This is serving the gross body. To engage in Bhagwaan (God) is service of the subtle body. Everything is for the world. It is not for us. Decide once and for all that it is not for you, it is for the world. Serve the three bodies. Serve the world. We have nothing to do with it. We have no want, no desire, no intention (sankalp). Everything is only for the welfare of the world at large.

Money, wealth, possessions, they are all for serving the world. From the smallest to the biggest work is all for the world. Only Paramatma (God) will remain with us. Besides Paramatma, no one will remain with us. We are a part (ansh) of Bhagwaan (God). Give all things back to the world. We have nothing and there is nothing to do for the self. For us (self) ther is only VISHRAAM (repose) and "Bhagwad aashrey" - dependence on Bhagwaan (God). For ever and for ever - repose (param vishraam). Reliance on the world is a bondage. When you do any work for your self, it is a bondage. For us there is no need for anything. Only Bhagwaan is for us. And we are only for Bhagwaan.

Release everyone. Discharge everyone. Dismiss them all. Give holiday to all (chhutti de do). Every single one! Everything that belongs to the world, release it. Give them a leave. You will attain salvation very quickly. You give yourself to Bhagwaan, and body and all possessions give it to the world. This is an extra-ordinary point.

From summary of discourse in Hindi on June 24, 2004 by Swami Ramsukhdasji.


Shree Hari Ram Ram


Ram Ram






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