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Bagavad Gita chapter 6 sloka 5

 uddhared âtmanâtmânam

nâtmânam avasâdayet

âtmaiva hy âtmano bandhur

âtmaiva ripur âtmanah



--- On Tue, 3/23/10, Gopal krishnan <sivaniish wrote:



Gopal krishnan <sivaniish





ANCIENT INDIAN LITERATURE:  Jyothisha  has two pure science subjects and third

the prediction part in it.  The two scientific  parts in astrology  are 

astronomy and  mathematics. These two are superb pure modern science even

though the  the prediction part is not a scientific subject. But it is

saastra  according to the Sanskrit definition. Astrology with its  prediction

part has its origin almost in the middle century of the  first millennia AD. 

Each and  every aspects told us: that the earth is spherical, it has

declination, rotation, revolution, latitude, longitude, colatitudes, meridian,

right ascension, day line, north pole, south pole etc are discovered by the

westerners  are  day light lie.  Each  aspect of the astronomical knowledge

given in astrology is nothing but modern astronomy   which has been given  by

our forefathers through their books which are still available in original

Sanskrit and English translation, which

are  uploaded in IISH website  www.iish.org.  We were all wrongly taught in

our school days that  all the aspects  connected with earth, sun and moon were

discovered  by Copper Nicus, Galileo, Magellan, Kepleir  and so on.  Our 

astronomical knowledge was superb which  has been used by our forefathers for 

developing astrology.





ACHIEVEMENTS OF IISH: Lectures were organized in  Trivandrum in two locations.

Telephone connection was given to DSB LPSchool, kaiparambu, through IISH

sponsored by Sri. G.K. Nair. The NHC park for the children  has been  widened

and improved  with many more items.




FUTURE PROGRAMS OF IISH: Lecture by Dr. N. Gopalakrishnan 26th March   at

3.00pm Chinmaya vidyalaya, Kottayam  (0481-2380242);  6.30 pm SNDP unit

Thalayolaparambu, Kottayam ;  @ 27th  , 10.00 am Pattambi Vilayur Kalari

Bhagavati temple; 3.00 pm  Alathiyoor Parassery Bhagavati temple, Thiroor,

Malapuram ; 6.30 pm   Parappanangadi Chiramangalam Kizhakke thrikkovil temple,

Malapuram  @ 28th  March  10.00 am  Kottukulangara temple, Malapuram, 4.00

pm Sree Nalanda Auditorium Kozhikkode, (for all the above programs contact

number : 9388203010    7.00 pm Aazhchavattom, Hindu Sevasamiti, Kozhikkode; 

29th 2.00pm  Chinmay vidyalaya, Trissur (9447081070) @ April  3rd, Nagerkovil




WHAT I SAW AND HEARD: Many temple  advisory boards have shown interest on 

allowing the  non Hindus to enter  and worship in their temples. IISH has

informed this message to one and all for the many years “ when Hindus are

getting converted into other religion, we are worried and we protest. If the non

Hindus are ready to come back and worship  in  temples, why we are not

allowing them?†this message is started going deep into the heart of the

Hindus and  many disciplined devoted non Hindus are  coming for attending the

functions  in temples. Also remember the words of Swamy Chinmayaananda “ In

India we have got only two categories of people. Those who are Hindus and those

who were Hindusâ€



NEW PROGRAM IN ASIANET: Morning  6.15 to 6.45  Swamy Bhoomaananda’s lecture

on Bhagavatham 11th  skanda is being telecasted with scientific content as

applicable for the modern world. Spread the message after verifying the time in

your locality


QUOTATION FROM MAHATHMA GANDHI: If one Hindu got converted into Christianity, it

is not a serious matter that the number of  Hindus  decreased and that of

Christian increased. The problem is that one enemy has been created for  the

Indian culture.


MORNING  excellent lectures are telecasted in many channels on Bhagavatham,

Bhagavath Gita and  Upanishads. listen them. Your difficulty of learning them

will be reduced. Inform all the Hindus, Christians and Muslims, leftists ,

 rightists and atheists. They are all interested in listening these messages .

Particularly  the discourse can be  listened  from our own drawing rooms

beyond religious and political boundaries. They are of short duration too.




SUPERSTITION: Many people are asking the question through telephone / emailslike

this:  is anizham star   good ?, is aayilyam star bad for  neighbors. ? Can

we keep a cat in a house where pregnant women are living ? Can we give saafron

(Kunkum) flowers to pregnant women?  What will happen if  two people having

same star are living as  neighbors?......... the answer for all the above

question is very simple. In olden days we Keralites had enough problems like

poverty, lack of education, heavy rain,  household  work, unemployment, etc

etc. Now a days we do not have much problems. We have enough money, enough time,

good house, good schools for our children,  vehicles,  enough luxuries……..

In short our day today pains and problems are very less. So now a days we are

searching for  problems  for WORRYING. Without worries a KERALITE CANNOT LIVE.


 Our only request is please do not send such queries to IISH.  We have enough

worries and problems due to the  ‘the lack of time  and high level of

response from world over  for getting maximum knowledge on Indian heritage

without superstition’. So let us worry about our worries and problems instead

of searching solution for your above type of worries/ problems. (searching for

the black cat which is not there in a dark room). There is a proverb “ self

help is the best helpâ€.  Like this make another  “self worrying is the

best worrying†and  do  not share  such type of  worries with others.




YOUR QUESTIONS AND MY ANSWERS:  How to live a happy life ? There is a  good

message in Sanskrit yath bhaava thath bhavathi = what you would like to be that

you will become if you systematically struggle for that.  Can we give the

medicines advertised in TVs for improving the memory of our children ? Please do

not give that. Memory can be improved by making your children remember as many

things /messages / words / lines / poems / music/ subject matters etc. there is

no single medicine in the world  which can improve the memory as the

advertisers say. Is the  medicines suitable for  extra growing  power ? My

only question is  why you need extra growing power ?. Is it not enough to

have  the normal growing power ?  We are searching for problems  by feeding

unnecessary food items to our children. Why we want 6 to 7 feet  for our

children.  Why not give them good vegetarian food and bring them upo as

 normal healthy boys and girls.  When should

we start giving guidance to our children ? Better late than never. The best

period is to start giving them the messages, experiences, stories  from the age

of  3. Slowly improve the doze. Answer all their questions. Never react

negatively when they ask questions. Never answer the questions if you do not

know  the answer. Tell them “ I do not know the answer†if you really do

not know.  After  the age 9 give guidance, after the age 12 – 13,  then be

with them like  a friend . Participate them in home decision making. Approve

and appreciate  their qualities and abilities. Never force anything upon them

at that age till they reach around 20. Remember how you behaved when you were at

that age.




SUGGESTION: Let us listen to atleast one Veda in our life. Let us advise our

temple  advisory  members to play Bhagavath gita, Upanishad, Vedas in the

morning and evening in temples  instead of the age old  songs and keerthans

which none is interested to listen. At time also put the  speeches of great

scholars so that the temples become a learning centre. All those are available

in www.iish.org or with iish centers






With pranams !

Dr. N. Gopalakrishnan,

M. A.; M.Sc.;Ph.D.; D.Litt.;  , IISH

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