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- Shree Shanaischaraaya Namah

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ShreeKrshha Bhakta Shreeman:


During my " Ezhara Shani " , I discovered a couple of pieces of advice that

knowledgeable people had posted on the Internet and that helped me survive the

hardships better and come out of the doldrums:


1. Shani only delays, never denies.


This is the absolute truth. So we have to remain hopeful and believe that all

the bad things will finally be over and good times will follow in terms of outer

and inner life. For 7 or so years, everything slowed down in my life (no

wonder Shani is called Manda= " the slow one " as it takes 30 years or so to orbit

the sun once), but afterwards, every project I had started came to a wonderful

fruition. As a result of the suffering that came as a blessing of Shanideva, I

became a wiser, more spiritual human. Shree Shanaischaraaya Namah!


2. Shani's mother is Chhaaya, the Shadow, but his father is the Divine Soorya.

So every dark experience will have its radiant counterpart in course of time.


This also proved to be true. Everything that was bad in the short run turned out

to contain good elements in the long run. Shanideva taught me to be patient,

prayerful, and ever hopeful.


3. The tribulations during " Ezharassani " taught me humility before the Divine

and most of my Ahamkaaram was tamed, and I believe I became a better Bhakta.


Fasting on Saturdays helped me as Shanideva himself is " Nityakshudha " and

" Nirmamsodara Shushka Deergha Vapusha " accroding to the famous Dhyaanashlokam.

He is always hungry and is lean with no fat on his body!


Wearing black on Saturdays also was a good practice for me as it helped me

realize that all is not rosy always in human life.


May Bhagavaan ShreeKrshan bring Saantvanam to all those who are going through

tough times in their lives!


During my " Ezgharassani " period, I discovered a wonderful Aaptavaakyam which

said basically that whatever be your " fate, " ShreeKrshha Bhakti will save you

from all evil. Here is the aphorism:


Sarvadaa Sarva Kaleshu


Naasti Teshaam Amangalam


Yeshaam Hrdisttho Bhagavaan


Mangalaayatano Harih!


(For those in whose hearts the most auspicious power of Shri Hari dwells, all

times are auspicious times. They will never have any Amangalam.)


ShreeRaadhaakrshnaaya Namah!


DKM Kartha



PS There is an astronomical theory that it is Jupiter's immense gravity field

that keeps harmful asteroids from hitting the earth and shattering it. Perhaps

it is Shani's gravity field that did bring some asteroids to the earth and if

the great physicist the late Prof. Fred Hoyle was right, that is perhaps how

water came to the atmosphere of the earth. (Hoyle's Extra-terrrestrial origins

of water theory). If these theories are correct, then the Vedic intuition about

Jupiter's beneficence and Shani's malefic nature can be validated through

science? I wonder.

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