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Sri Prasanna Varadharajar Temple - Aminjikarai

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Sri Prasanna Varadharajar Temple - Aminjikarai








It is said "Kovil Illadha Ooril Kudi Irukka Vendam".

This means its not a good thing to live in a place where there is no temple found. As the olden proverb clearly implies how important the temples and the perumal.

In these modern world, humans are running here and there to yield money and are busy with schedules. But, inspite of these conditions, all their minds are thinking of Sriman Narayanan and asking for his grace and blessings. Likewise, in chennai, a small place named "Aminjikarai" is found. Aminjikarai is the place where Sri Vishnu and Lord Shivan temples are found.


In this Aminjikarai, a Varadharajar temple and infront of this, Sri Ekambareshwarar temple is also found. Sri Varadhar and Sri Ekambareshwarar temple are found in the same sthalam which is Kancheepura divyadesam, so it can be best suited that if we call Aminjikarai as another for of Kancheepuram.




The Moolavar of this temple is Sri Prasanna Varadharajar who is giving his seva in Nindra thirukkolam facing his thirumugham along East direction.



Along the Pragharams (sides) of the Moolavar Sannadhi, idols of all Alwars and Aacharyas are found. The perumal is also named as "Sri Varadharajan, Sri Devarajan and Arulalan. The Utsavar is Perarulalan and all kinds of utsavams are done.



The Thaayar of this temple is Sri Perundevi Thaayar who has her own separate sannadhi. Here Manjal (Turmeric) is given as the "Prasadham" to the Bhaktas.

About the temple:

In the front, we can see a huge vimaanam (Gopuram) which is found in 5 Nilais (Partitions), where lots of Architectural works are found in a beautiful manner.

As we enter the Gopuram Vaasal, we can see the Dwajasthambam (Kodi Maram) which is raised to a big extent. To the Right of Kodimaram, Sannadhi for Ramathoodan, Aanjaneyar Sannadhi is found. After worshipping if we go further, we can reach the Sri Krishnar sannadhi, where the perumal is found along with the flute and giving his seva in Nindra thirukkolam.

As we move on furhter, a mandapam with lots of pillars are found. On these walls, Thiruppavai is carved on the white Marble stones. To the end of this Mandapam, the thaayar sannadhi is found and after getting her seva, are going around the temple, we can see the sannadhi of Sri Andal. During 30 days in Maargazhi month, special poojas and thiruppavai are said in this sannadhi.

Going further from Andal sannadhi, we can reach "Sri Srinivasar sannadhi" where both Sri Srinivasar Moolavar and Utsava Murthi are found.

After getting the seva of Sri Srinivasar, one has to go further towards right hand side to see "Sri Ranganathar sannadhi". Next to Sri Ranganathar sannadhi, a special room, the Kannaadi Arai is found. During Utsavams, the Utsavar are taken to this Kannadhi Arai and the seva is so beautiful that one can see the perumal in various angles.

Next to the Kannadi Arai, is a sannadhi for "Sri Kodhanda Ramar" is found. He is found along with Seethapiratti and Lakshmanar. To the straight opposite of Ramar Sannadhi, Aanjaneyar sannadhi can be seen.


After getting the seva of Sri Kodhanda Ramar, we have to move a bit further along the right direction to go to the Moolavar Sannadhi. In front of Moolavar Sannadhi, Garudalwar is found.

Lots of Paintings, Art works and Various lightings are found throughout this temple.

Utsavams: Various Utsavams are done in this Temple and are listed below:

Chittirai month Utsavam for Sri Ramanujar for 10 days. Vaikasi month Brahmotsavam for Sri Varadhar for 10 days. Aani month Kodai Utsavam. Aadi month Thiruvadipoora utsavam for Andal for 10 days. Aavani month Sri Krishna Jayanthi utsavam. Purattasi month Navarathiri utsavam for Thaayar for 9 days, Pavithrotsavam for Sri Varadhar and seperate Utsavam for Sri Srinivasar for 10 days. Iyypasi month Dolotsavam and Annakoota utsavam Maargazhi month Thiru Athyayana utsavam for 21 days. Thai month Ratha Sapthami where Sri Varadhar is found in 7 Vaaganams in a single day. Maasi month Thavana utsavam. Panguni month Sri Ramar Utsavam, Pallava Utsavam and Panguni Uthira utsavam.

Thirunatshatrams (birthdays) of Alwars and Aacharyars, Saathumarai and Friday utsavams for Sri Thaayar is done. Every Friday, Moolavar thirumanjanam is done

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