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Shirdi Sai Paduka's in Madhya Pradesh since 1914

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Parulkar Family has & Worships Sai Baba's Charan Paduka's since 1914.

Aug 6`2009


Harda, M.P.- India : Amid protests raised after grapevine buzz about taking away of Shirdi's Sai Baba Charan Paduka's (footwear) to United States, a family here has been religiously worshipping and conserving Lord Sai's Baba's another pair of holy Charan Padukas for about 100 years, as precious possession.


Baba's devotees protested the proposal of taking away the Padukas to the foreign land by dubbing it as a trick to make money and hog publicity.


However, Retired lecturer and local-resident Kishore Parulkar, who never thought of basking in the limelight through Baba's Padukas, told UNI here today that Baba had given his Padukas to his devotee and Mr Parulkar's grandfather Shri.Krishnarao Parulkar alias Chottu Bhaiya in 1914.


He said that Shirdi-based Temple Trust also demanded these Padukas of Sai Baba from him but he declined their proposal and clarified that this was the matter of personal devotion and feelings.


Mr Parulkar wanted to preserve the footwears as a part of his family treasure.

He said that in view of protection the padukas were kept in a transparent box of fibre and its security responsibility was on the shoulders of Ms.Radha Parulkar.


Narrating the story behind Baba giving the Paduka's to his grandfather, Mr.Kishore Parulkar said that around 100 years back when there were no sufficient means of transportation, his grand-father sometimes walked quite a distance and also took a ride on a bullock cart for several days to reach Shirdi and pay obeisance to Babaji by crossing the groves and glades of the dense forests.


Once Sai Baba asked his grandfather that why did he undergo so much of pain merely to see him & Chottu Bhaiya replied, '' Babaji I don't have any memento of yours and after some days when I go back from here, I start missing you and hence I am compelled to come back here to see you.'' Reacting on this Baba immediately told him to take his Padukas as memento, which he was wearing then, and asked him not pain himself to come to Shirdi again.


This whole incident was published in a booklet by Shirdi Sai Trust with respectfully mentioning Mr Krishnarao's name.


This incident was also mentioned in 'Ambrosia in Shirdi' book.


Aarti was performed every Thursday akin those in Shirdi.




"Once you attain perfect Inner Peace, there is

No need to travel anywhere,

No need to see anything,

No need for pilgrimages to holy places,

All can be seen Within".............Bhagawan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri.


Looking Out fOr iNNer pEacE - rOhit beHaL






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