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shrapit + kalasarpa yoga. Difficult chart. have a look.

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These are details of a woman who has saturn and rahu in 2nd house.

20 May 1979, Mumbai 11:30 AM


She has cancer lagna. Do a lot of cancer lagna people have unhappy marriages?

She also seems to have Kalsarp yoga.


She married this guy after eloping from her house. The guy was abusive. Hit her, her son too. Now she is back at her parent's place.

Her divorce case is in the court while her husband/in-laws are harassing her for the custody of her son. Very diffcult situation. No end in sight.


She is running rahu-moon dasa (moon being her lagna lord in 8th house, resulting in the ugly custody battle?)

I hope it gets resolved by Jan 2010 when the moon antardasha ends.


Seniors- please have a look and advice.

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