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Why Most Astrologers Fail and What We Can Do About it

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Parasara states in his Magnum Opus, "Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra", that prediction is difficult even for a sage. What to say of ordinary mortals like us then? I would venture to say that the great majority of astrologers, even the so called "legends" in this business, have not thoroughly perused his great tome- and quite frankly, do not have the intellect or perseverance to understand it much less apply it's vast techniques.



If I may ask a few questions to my esteemed readers, both astrologers and clients : Did your astrologer even mention Gulika or Yama Ghantaka to you, did you think he at least made use of them? Do you even know what they are? Did your astrologer use Kalachakra Dasha "KCD" (A highly refined timing system)? Did you know that Parasara speaks most highly of KCD and not the over-used and over-fitted Vimshottari Dasha? Does your astrologer know to rectify your birth time with the supremely time-sensitive KCD? Did he even bother to rectify your time of birth at all? A proper birth-time is CRITICAL to all predictions! Did your astrologer use any conditional dashas?- is Sun in your first house? - then surely he must have used Shashti Hayani dasha- or maybe not. Did he use transits and the Sudarshana Chakra to really fine tune his timing for you? I willing to bet the most will answer the above questions in the negative- and now you have a teeny-tiny glimpse of why you didn't get the results you were seeking.



If you have a moment please read the following message if you are interested in Vedic Astrology but want to either learn or contribute to how it can give all you far more consistent and concrete answers. This is NOT a sales pitch of any type.

It is my genuine supposition that the overwhelming majority of astrologers fail in their analysis and that this failure is attributable to two primary reasons. Of course, we must define failure first. Failure can be defined as the inability to consistently and accurately assess a given querent's strengths, weaknesses and personality. Failure also includes the persistent inability to accurately time the querent's major life events- too many astrologers indulge in giving beautiful explanations of past events but are utterly incapable of looking into the future. Conversely, one may ask, what is success? I define success, in the astrological realm, as an accuracy rate (dealing with major issues) some where in the 65% to 75% vicinity. Anybody claiming substantially higher, especially on a long-term basis, is a liar or a sage.


The first reason is largely but not completely out of the astrologer's control. The second far more important reason is largely under the astrologer's control but is greatly limited by his skill, intelligence and diligence. Astrology, at it's core, deals with probabilities- some events can be forecasted with greater accuracy than others and some simply cannot be seen at all-querents need to be made aware of this. As we all know, a single natal chart is embedded with a mind-boggling array of details, astrologers must be able to parse out the major relevant issues and holistically synthesize them; though like most things worth doing, easier said than done. I don't know if astrology is a science, it seems more like an art. I don't know if astrology is perfect as many loudly proclaim, perfection seems impossible in this world. Nevertheless, as many here would agree, astrology can be quite useful. I would now like to ask you all a very serious question.


How many of you have had sub-par reading from your astrologer? I would venture to say that many of you have had less than satisfying experiences. Almost all astrologers over-promise, over-charge and under-perform. Let me bluntly ask, can anybody off the street become a surgeon? The barriers of entry into medicine are quite high but the barriers of entry into astrology are simply non-existent. Too many astrologers, even well known ones, provide shabby analysis in order to make a quick 200 dollars an hour or whatever outlandish fee they charge for such mediocrity.

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While I appreciate your quyeries,there is also certain criteria for astrologers to follow.Most of them professing to be cannot fit in.


Fiorst the astrologer should be of very upright andf morally strong.


He should be a upasaka.


He cannot demand prescribed fees and accept whatever is offered,

Also he cannot be seeing many persons in a day.


He is called a daivagana who is supposed to speak on behalf of his upaasya murthi who is supposed to give the orders thro him.


By ardent tapsya he needs to cultivate intuition..

Astrology whether it is KCD,Vimsottari or prashna all demand deep intuition because astrology is not just application of mathematical formulae as quantification is very difficult.A same bhava has sevral portfolios assigned.For instance in a female horoscope 8th house stands for mangalya as well as longivity.How to assess is where his intuition comes to play.


I have tried to answer with my limited knowledge.I request other astrlogers of this forum to shed light

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