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analysing my horoscope

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Hello everyone,


Very new to this forum, I naturally am inclined to offer my horoscope for analysis. Astrology intrigues me a lot and I love to witness the amazing turns my life is taking in the light of astrology.


Kindly tell me your views on the best and the worst aspect of my horoscope.


Well, I am Born on 30 january 1968 at 7.00 am in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.


Lagna : Makara : surya / chandra

2nd : kumbha : mangal / budh

3rd : meena : rahu shani

4th : mesh : -

5th : vrushabh: -

6th : mithun : -

7th : karka : -

8th : Simha : guru

9th : kanya : -

10th : tula : -

11th : vruschik : -

12 th : dhanu : shukra.


At present rahu antar of Guru mahadasha (vimshottari) is on.


Thank you.



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