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sadesati and panoti yog

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i read abt panoti yog in this forum...i m a bit confused and wud be delighted if some guru can enlighten me on this query.




1. say the person's moon is in 4 deg 20' taurus, so the sade shud begin from 4 deg 20' aries or 0 deg 00' aries.


2. moon 's position at time of start of sade satti wrt natal moon shud be taken for panoti yog then shud it will be in 3 legs so say we take the sade saati shud begin from 0 ' 00 aries fo the given case then at tht time we take moon's position in sky to decided if tht leg is ok or not...and then when moon enter 0' 00 tarus again moon's position is considered to decided if tht leg of sade saati is gud or not? or is it done only once at the beginning? ...this doubt since sani becomes vakri and moves back to meen rasi too and then comes back aagin to aries so each time it does this shud moon 's posiiton in sky be considered each time to decide the gud or bad cycle of sade saati?





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