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Lagna in divisional charts.

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You will see many web sites where Lagna of divisional charts was discussed. Yet, most of the informatiom offered is quite useless and confusing. The reason lies in terrible lack of understanding the basics nature of the signs or rashis.

My focus here will be on specific signs which will serve the rule of general principle.

Navamsa chart- The best lagnas are Karka, Dhanu and Meena for relationships where high level of tolerance, sacrifice and mutual goals with people and associations are achived. However, for marriage, only Karka Lagna in Navamsa chart is favourable. Dhanu Lagna is very unfavourable to marriage particularly if Budha is there, while Atmakaraka in Dhanu navamsa (Particularly if atmakaraka is Budha) can even cause the curse of Dharma and Ishta Devata. The only solution will come from a strong and unafflicted Guru placed in trines to lagna or Karakamsa Lagna.

Meena Lagna navamsa or karakamsa have a major failing for marriage. They want to marry Krishna, as it was nicely illustrated in the story of the princess Mina. If Meena is Navamsa Lagna or Karakamsa in a male chart, there can be a lack of progeny, unless there is a nulifying factor.

Vrishaba Navamsa Lagna is SUPERB for marriage. There is a high level consciousness about relationships, and if Chandra is well placed a person will handle partners with a great care and conscious efforts. Of course other karakas should not be afflicted

Thula Navamsa has a major problem since there will be too much fighting in relationships, particularly if mangal aspects. A person will trully suffer the curse of Subramanya

Vrischika navamsa is the worst lagna to rise in Navamsa Chart as far as marriage and dharma is concerned. A person is fully unaware of their destiny and needs of a spouse. Their intelligence has gone in this area. If chandra is there or Budha is there one of them being Atmakaraka, the soul cannot see their destiny and a high level of immorality and corupt character will be there.

Mithuna Navamsa is also bad particularly if Shukra is in Lagna in mithuna. A person may remain childless and due to insatiable lust and conflicts, and huge ambition in this area will be cursed by Laksmi Devi. There will be all kinds of financial problems too.

Simha NAvamsa is excellent for knowledge and spirituality and Atmakarak there will surely confirm it (in simha rashi). However, for marriage, early widowhood is a threat.

Kanya Navamsa is horrible, since even LORD BRAHMA cannot create a partner a person desires. If Shani is there or in trines, a person may remain childless /unmarried. In any case Strong Shani is undesirable or Atmakarak in kanya navamsa (Shani in particular) will have a negative say on person’s progeny.

Kumba Navamsa is bad for relationship too. A person will terribly lack emotions and will be too punishing. Chandra in Navamsa lagna or in Kumba will specifically mark the same, and wrong thinking will be there. There own mother will suffer or a person will marry a spouse without a mother or with suffering mother.

Mesha Navamsa is very good for both marriage and knowledge. A person is full of knowledge and light particularly if Surya and Guru are strong and well placed (for spirituality) or Chandra and Shukra for marriage.

Makara Lagna is very bad, all kinds of enjoyments in marriage and relationships will lack. A person lacks faith terrible or loose it easily, particularly if Guru is placed in such Navamsa Lagna.

In this way, one can see all lagnas in divisional charts and see the general tendency even before getting deeper into analyses of planetary positions. Try to think in the same lines and guess why Kumbha lagna or Chandra in Kumbha for female charts is horrible for chidren in D-7? In male chart Meena Lagna or Dhanu Lagna can live the person childless under the circumstances and are the causes the same? Kanya Lagna can leave the person complete childless or their children will remain childless if other planetary combinations give children to a person…

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