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Dr. Shirish Bhate Jee, Pls help us!

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My husband and me both are suffering from annal fissure.

I have been suffering from 7 months now and my husband got it just now. We both are doing Yoga and pranayam since 3 years and we are very conscious about the food too. Pls see the cases as follows -


1. About Myself I am 28 - I can not digest dals at all. If i take them at night (even Moong dal) i get vomiting in morning. I like to stay away from food and my digestion system is very poor. Though i am doing pranayam

with suryanamaskar my problem of digestion is not solved. I got this annal fissure in Dec 08 and i took Abhyarishta regularly (Thrice a day) with Kamdudha (moti y.) twice a day. After that i used get relief for

some days and suddenly again it used to pain. I did mool shodhan regulary with Castor oil too. Used phitkari water to wash anus as the skin had come out. After shankha prakshalan it was cured but just

2 days back again the pain has started. My main problem is my weak digestion. I get gastric troubles too. I prefer to eat on time and less. About my prakriti - My skin is dry, hair are dry and i can not digest

anything with high protine. Pls suggest a suitable therapy. I am ready to go to any good Panchkarma center. Also pls tell whether Aloe Vera juice will help ?


I am planning for baby is August and i am very scared of the piles problem in pregnancy.


2. Rakesh my husband, he is 33 year old. He gets lot of gas from his mouth. It doesnt smell bad but just "Dakars' and specially after eating food. He did shankha prakshalana just a week back for the

first time and lot of black water came out from his body, even when he vomitted. Generally yellow water comes

out. His digestion is very strong as he feels hungary more and gets it digested too. But his stomach does not

get clear in one motion. he goes to the loo for 3 to 4 time in morning. If he takes triphala or even Amla little more then he runs to the loo for whole day. His skin is oily and he gets lot of Kapha too.

He needs to loos weight also as he is 8 Kg excess. He is 5 ft 7 in and 72 kgs. He has piles problem when he was 27 and now after doing shankha prakshalana he has developed this fissure. Actually it should not happen,

but what is the reason?? Pls advise. He has not lost weight after shankha prakshalan too, where as i lost 6 kgs immediately.


I wonder, as we eat very less of mirchi and we do not eat outside food at all. We are doing yoga since long time but still we are not able to get rid of the fissure problem completely (it reocures) and even tried Ayurvedic medicines.


I will be very much thankful to you, if you help us

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