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Significant of Age 24

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Dear Respected Astrologers,



I am residing in Thailand. People here believed that once someone turns 24, the individual will be bad luck before he turned 25. Some might even die during that year. Thai people call it "Benchaped". I never believed in it until I experience this my self.


I am about to turn 25th in two months. This year, especially since January, has been extremely bad for me. The worst ever in my life. I have been stressful with business. I have also been facing health problems which double the stress that I had had.


I just went to see a local horoscope reader yesterday, she told me that I suffered from Benchaped. Surprisingly, she even asked me if all the bad things start since January or not. She later said that everything will be alright after my birthday which will be in two months. She did not cast the birth chart though. She only used my date of birth and Vara to tell all these.


I am wondering if this Benchaped can be traced back to Vedic since some type of ancient Thai horoscope and astrology were actually adapted from Vedic (Thai Birth Chart still consists of Lagna, Nakshatra with adaptation on tithi and other variables).


I tried to understand this effect based on Vedic Astrology. Still could not find any link. I am wondering if any one could throw some light about this "Benchaped" Thank you.


Birth Information:


Place of Birth: Bangkok, Thailand (13/45N 100/32E)

Time of Birth: 14.11

Date of Birth: 15 July 1984

Gender: Male

Nakshatra: Dhanishta


Asc: Libra

Sat: 1st House

Mar: 1st House

Ketu: 2nd House

Jupiter: 3rd House

Moon: 4th House

Rahu: 8th House

Sun: 9th House

Venus: 10th House

Mercury: 10th House


Best Regards,

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