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Effects of retrograde planets in natal chart

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Dear all learned members,

I am learning VA from a few years. I always got doubts regarding the interpretatio of retrograde planets in birth charts, today when i am going through my son's birth chart i noticed both mercury and jupiter are retrograde.


HIs dob is 10th APril 2005, tob 15:56 pob sydney australia.

He is leo ascendant with debilated mercury in meena rashi, but retrograde. one more thing is his navamsha mercury is exalted.


His jupiter is in 2nd house, ie virgo and retrograde too. Is this jupiter needs to be considered in his 1st house Leo? and which houses does the jupiter aspect, is it the 8th house it aspects from 2nd or the 7th house from lagna itself.


Please help me understanding the areas ruled by the planets and the effects of retrograde nature of the planets.


I have gone through few vedic texts about retrograde planets, mentioning that the retrograde planets are extremely powerful, and give unusual results, and the results are always based on the house these planets occupy...and moreover only benefic planets when retrograde give good results while the malefics prove to be more probematic. Is this true??

I will be eagerly waiting for the reply

Thanks in advance

Jai sairam

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Please go through the following link.


http://www.indiadivine.org/audarya/vedic astrology-jyotisha/449877-retrograde-planets.html













quote=ushagk1]Dear all learned members, please shower your knowledge on the above query. I could not find detail description of retrograde planets behaviour in vedic astrology.

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Thanks Sandhuji,


the information provided in the given link was really valuable and great.


It gives much more intense information about retrograde planet implication effects on the charts...


thanks once again




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