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Please let me know about my future - clarifications

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hi all,


I was born in cancer ascedant.


Following are the details.

DOB : 25- April -1980

Time : 11:36 AM

Place: ELURU, ANDHRA Pradesh, India


Rasi chakra positions:


Logna lord moon is in 2nd house in varottamamsa along with 9th lord jupitor,7th and 8th lord Saturn, 5th and 10th lord Mars and rahu in 2nd house. Lord od 2nd house Sun exalted in 10th house. Venus is in 11th house. mercury is in 9th house.


Bhava Chakra:


Saturn Came to 3rd house in bhava chakra. Mercury came to 10th house in bhava. All the remaining planet positions are same as in raasi chakra.


As the 2nd lord is in 10th exalted and 10th is hemmed with benific planets on both sides and jupitor is aspecting 10th house and Sun there.


I am currently working in an MNC in a good position and returned from onsite on Sep 2008. Will it help my proffessional life going forward. what about my financial position in the life? what about fortune? When will I construct a house? any raaja yogas present in my horoscope as I can see some of them (combination of 9th and 10th in 2nd house etc), but I am not sure whether they will give 100% results are not. Please advice.

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