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fourth time posting without any response reg career prospects...please help

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Respected Webyogi ji,


I am Anu..got married in April 2008 and came to UK with my husband..I am expecting a baby in Mid March 2009.


Details of my husband and mine are as follows


DOB: 27/10/1976

TOB: 08.45 PM

POB: Gorakhpur



DOB: 01/06/1982


POB: Bhilai


I really seek urgent help about my soon to be born baby and career prospects.


We have sun and mercury in the 5th house which is said to have harmful effects on pregnancy/child..also we have heard that we have bhakoot dosha which is not very good for progeny..


Kindly advise how would be our baby..


Also I am MBA(Finance) and before getting married i was working in Mumbai..

But i have been unable to find a job in UK..How are my career prospects in UK.

when will i be able to get a job...

this is the fourth time i m posting query on the forum..pls help.

Thanks and Regards,



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In your horoscope Sun and Mercury are in 5th Sign i.e; taurus, that is not a favourable sign for capricorn ascedant. But here ascedant falls in 26.59 degrees. So Sun and Mercury came to 4th in bhava chakra. Venus came 3rd in bhava chakra although he is in 4th in raasi chakra. So please be cautious at this period.


Reg career, you will have good career after April 2009 in the communication field.




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Hi Chakri_chk,


Thanks a lot for your advice and reply.


But i am still unclear about at what time should i be cautious.


It seems i forgot to mention that i was working in financial services in India...so i would like to ask will i be able to secure a job in finance after april 2009...


Thanks a lot and i am really grateful for all the help you offered.



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