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just some thoughts!

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Hi all

just some thoughts...wanted to share!!


'I' for now is nothing but my mind.my soul is nothing but a


part of supreme conciousness.

'you' surrender to 'god' is nothing but surrendering your


mind to your soul.i.e giving up mind conciouness and being


in soul consciousness.

'MIND' a mysterious thing.just as this expression says"he


who knows a clay,knows all the clay in the world"

he who understands his mind understands all the minds of the



at one time it is full of satva gunas(noble state),when


stressed or provoked it slips to rajo gunas(material and


selfish state) and when tempted slips to tamo


gunas(lazy,drowsy,careless state).

when the mind is in noble state it forgives even its worst


enemy,when it is in rajas state it finds faults with every


one that doesn't concede with it.when in tamas it does things


which lead it to ignorance.

Thoughts in other words 'vrittis' rise every other second


and the mind occillate among these gunas.

untill and unless you freeze your mind and be 'guna


rahitha' (without gunas) you cannot know your soul or self.

the pause between two thoughts is the state which is being


searched for!!! just a prolonged state of it is what we need


to know.

a child has no mind.any praise or appreciation will not


bring smile on its lips and any blame or critic doesn't make


it sad. even if you hurt the child,it just cries for the


bodily pain but does not hold the grudge. this is because the


child is devoid of these three gunas or characteristics of



just as mindful state is essential to succeed in material


world, a mindless state is essential to succeed in spiritual



will one ever be able to conquer the mind? yes, just as you starve


your body to gain control over it's growth. starve your mind


with discrimination and dispassion.

with 'understanding the mind' as first step, and dispassion


as the next, one should be able to conquer one's mind.


just some thoughts...wanted to share!!


Thank you all!

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