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Reg my Marriage

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Namaskar Guru ji,


My Name is Charan and i am in Love with a girl for the past 2 years and we like each other very much. In this two years I got all success and no failure at all.But now our parents are not agreeing for our marriage.

Also the girls parents has fixed the marriage to her. After this I met with an accident but i am safe.

I think this happened because she is leaving me. Still I am trying hard to convince my parents.

Can you please tell if there is love marriage or arranged marriage in my jathakam.

Can you please tell me the compatibility of my life with this girl and also is there any dosha in our jathakam.

I have shown her jathakam to one guriji and he said she has Kuja dosha...Is this true. And also there for me Kuja is the lagnadipathi in my jathakam.

Please find the details.


Name: Charan Kumar

DOB: 15 July 1981

TOB: 05:30 AM

Place of Birth: Sriharikota(Nellore dt, AP)



Name: Lakshmi Prasanna

DOB: 26 Oct 1981

TOB: 07:30 PM

Pleace os Birth: Sullurpet(Nellore dt, AP)


Guruji this is very important and urgent for me.




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