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when will be my marriage- for classic72

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hi classic


can u please help me . can u tell me when will i get married. when will i meet my groom. from last 3 years nothing seems to be happening....






Thanks and regards

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Dear Shtl,


Reviewing your current period and the next few years are not conducive for marital prospects. Currently running period of Sun until Nov 2010. Sun is a badhaka obstruction for your Ascendant.


Marriage should occur in your 28th year around Nov 2010 timeframe


Your spouse will be a social and cheerful person, hails from a foreign place and is hardworking and disciplined.


One important thing is that in Navamsa 8L Moon is in 7H with 7L Merc, Rahu and Sun, with rasi and graha drishti of Sat,Mars.


In Rasi -

2nd from UL has Rahu and Rasi drishti of Sat/Mars and graha drishti of Sat. These two indications strongly suggest that your first marriage will be delayed and also not long lasting.




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hi classic72


thank u for the reply. As u say my first marriage will not long last. can u tell me how long my first marriage will last and when is my second marriage?

how will my second marriage be?


please do reply.......

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