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what is the reason?

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namsthe guruji,


As like every girl i had a very enjoying life before marriage under very caring living parents, after marriage i have very severe problems with my motherinlaw who is very possessive about my husband as he is only son,and my fathernlaw is nomore. i'm so scared to sit before her in house, i cant live peacefully she scolds a lot. i had a baby boy after 1 yr of marriage after 3 yrs of baby we r trying for second baby but i had 2 misscarriages in october 2007(i.e. 45 days misscarriage) and aotherin in jun 2008(6months abortion) due to rubellainfection.

when i was pregnant 2nd time i had dreams of snakes as they bit me and i died. after that abortion we went to srikaalahasthi temple and did pooja there. but i'm in very depressive mood.

i want to know when will i conceive again and when will the problem of my mil get solved.


my dob: 11th august 1978 swathi nakshtra 2nd paadam

thula raasi tob: 1:16 am(night of thursday) vizianagaram,andhra pradesh

my husbands dob: 18th october 1973 punarvasu nakshtra 2nd padam midhuna raasi, tob: 4:20 pm nandyal, andhrapradesh

my sons dob: 27th april 2004 pushyami nakshtra karatak raasi tob: 11:09 a.m. u.s.a, central time


plz reply me

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Dear Devaki,




Well I reviewed your chart and here's my findings.


Lagna lord debilitated Venus in 5H with Mars and Rahu.

By a classical dictum - The presence of LL in 5H draws its life force from 5H - hence depriving the children. This along with Mars and Rahu is also bad for progeny. Mars as the 7L and 12L(hospitalization, confinement, bed rest, loss)


Jupiter though in Marana Karaka sthana, is a firm argala in the 11h with Sun and with collaboration of Rahu in 5H has given the first child.


Currently you are running Saturn Dasa/ Saturn antardasa

Sat and Merc are working on providing Virodhargala on 5H matters.

They will be strongly opposed to the 5H matters -

this seems to be happening even with Mercury being the 5L.

Mercury so becomes the 5L in 12th from it - hence causing the loss.

Actually Sat and Mercury are extremely close to each in 4H with A6(Rogapada)


In cases where there are no progeny for long periods, Ketu will usually

step in an provide to continue the lineage.

There is some hope in Ketu Antardasa - Ket: 2011-07-26 - 2012-09-04

In any case strengthening Mercury as the 5L Mercury will help you in your efforts.

Worshipping lord Vishnu, simple Vishnu Sahasranamam listening and chanting will also benefit.


Presence of Saturn and Mercury in the 4H in Rasi will cause loss of peace of mind in your household. Saturn as the 10L (4th from 7H, Mother of your spouse) placed in 4H, in an inimical sign (Leo) will make him uncomfortable.


Antardasa of Ven: 2012-09-04 (19:56:13) - 2015-11-05 (11:01:16) should see significant improvement in this situation. Venus is actually exalted in Navamsa in the 8H.


With Best Wishes.



Om Sarvam Sri Krishnarpanamastu

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respected sir,


thank you for ur analysis, but as i dont know much about this all these mercury, mars please can u explain me about whether i will be blessed with second baby in next year even though i'm desperately praying GOD and doing all types of pujas, i went to kaalahasti and did dosha pooja so that this grahas may differ, and did subramanya swamy abhishekams for 7 weeks , and praying all the time. plz explain me clearly and what poojas should i do to get good healthy baby, and about my in law ooh no nogirl should get treatment like me, she uses very bad birds, i'm suffering a lot, plz can u clearly tell me what poojas can i do to keep myself in peace, with her abusive words i get very depressive and mentally and physically i feel very weak.


plz can u again explain me clearly, i want to run away abroad with my husband and son, so that this torture wont be there, can u check my horoscope and tell whether we will settle here, or abroad.

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