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What exactly is Pitra Dosh?

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Hi All,

My marriage is at stake because I am told by Bridegroom's family that I have Pitra Dosh. I am ready to do all the "Nivaranas" necessary. But they are not agreeing.


So please tell me that is this Dosh so serious that somebody will deny to marry me? Kindly shed some light on this. I don't know much about Jyotish but I respect it a lot.



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Pitra dosha comes when sradham is not done to ancestors. If you father or grand father is alive, they are supposed to sradham. If you fail then the problem will arise.

There are 7 sthalams for performing the rituals (Pindam,Tharpanam) for dead(pithru sthalam).They are Kasi,Rameswaram,Sri Vanjiyam,Thiruvenkadu,gaya,Thiriveni sangamam

the seventh one being Thilatharpanapuri, kumbakkonam, tamilnadu. In Ramayan, When Ravana took Sita, Jatayu tried stopping him but finally killed by Ravana.During the return from Lanka, Rama and

Lakshmana did the rituals for their Father and beloved Jatayu as well.


Also donate food to the needy during amavasya

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