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Marriage? Difficult chart.

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Please advise whether there are chances of this individual getting married.


If so what is likely period and quality of marriage?


14th February 1979

time: 00.36 hours


Born in Birmingham, UK


Seems no-one can analyse chart and navamsha accurately despite numerous readings.


Parents are worried - thus a good astrologers insight would be welcome.

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Om Namah ShivaY


This girl is born under singh lagna and moon, rahu and shani are sitting in the lagna, where shani is "vakri". again lord of lagna whihc is surya is sitting in the seventh house with budh and ketu, presence of sun and budh together is a good combination and is called buddha-aditya yoga, but presence of ketu in same house leads to "grahan yoga".


As far as marriage is concerned, it would be very difficult to get this girl married and if she gets married, the married life is likely to be troubled, coz the exchange between lagna and seventh house is there and also the position of guru in 12 house is also not going to be helpful, also ask this girl, if she had some affair or if she likes anyone.....as her love intrest...


Agan i would like to suggest surya pooja, she can recite aditya hridaya strota........... it may help her.


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Whilst being grateful for the above reply I would also be grateful if some other astrologer could corroborate this analysis.


As far as we are aware the lagna is Libra - so I am confused.


Also, no analysis of navamsh is given.

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