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kala sarpa dosh

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respected learned ones,

in another thread i had written about a lady relative having this dosha.

her details are

date of birth 26/08/1968, time 4.55 AM, place Kanpur.

she migrated to chennai as a baby and completed post graduation and is a teacher now.

she has no perfect job(no monetary and mental satisfaction), she could not get married, she ahs one elder sister (married) parents are alive but dependent on her. it ahs always been slip between the cup and the lip always for job. she is now not inclined to marry (dejection)?

can you please help and provide some solution.



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hi umbaba,


Ask her to worship lordess Tripurasundari daily.

Is she employed now..? I think she must be.

Guru dasa is now running. He is placed in second house of family along with Surya who is the lord of the house itself. Hence I feel setting up a family and growth in finance are highly possible.

Let her not loose her faith. She can pray Lord Hanuman also.

Good luck.

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dear atro seaker,

she is employed. but the monetary compensation is low. she has to take care of aged parents also. she has lost interest in marriage due to these things. may be things will change if she gets good service. is there any chance for that. i will tell her about the puja as suggested by you.




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