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[req]Matras to get good and beautyfull wife

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jai gurudev


Guruji, And Respected Forum Members,..

can anybody suggest me nay pooja vratha mantra

to get good and beautyfull wife..

there are many vrathas and poojas for women to get good men,..

as the same way,.. there will some mantra to get good wife too...

i am expecting positive reply from you,

thanks in advance..


i have another request

through mantra tantra we can make a living thing to die

and we can create or make dead things to living,..

we have matras for that gr8 big things,..


then there will be soultion to every problems through mantras! write?

if yes, do research and answer me,

i am not looking fair and good, i am blacky, and more hairy,..

not good body structure,..

i want to become white!,...

is there any mantras, tantras,?

thanks in advance

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Dear Serchingeye,


For male use there is a Mantra to get a good wife ( or desired women as wife) called Gandharva Raja mantra. It runes as:


"Om Gandharvaraaja visvaavase Mamabilashida Kanyaam Prayacha Swaahaa"


The meening: O Gandarva King Visvavasu let me get my desired girl.


You just have to chant it more than 320 at a time regularly till the goal is achieved.


Note: Double vovals 'aa' indicate long sound and singla voval short.


As to changing your complexion there are three methods stated in occult litrature

1) Obtain Kamaruba siddhi - a magical power by which you can take any form you desire. It is a long tedious sadana of certain tantric deity. If you are up to it you can try . ( If you are ready let me know I will write to you the method as founfd in tantric treaties)

2) Obtain Kaya sidhi By yogic practice - you will get eternal youth , moltan golden complexion 1000 elephants strength and indefenet life span by this method. This is also long and tedious path. You can refer to Patanjali's yoga sutra for detail.

3) There is a shotcut to become lovely and fair. This is invoking a spirit of King solomon. I shall get back to this latter as I need to refer to King Solomon's book 'Goetia' for this. ( I will get back to you on this soon)



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Dear Serchingeye,


In my last mail I promissed to get back with Solomon's Goetia spirit to make you fair. I checked Goetia . There is no spirit specifically endoved with the power to make the collor change though there are a few spirits that can change your form much like Kamarupa Siddhi of Indian Tantrs.




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Dear Serchingeye,


In my last mail I promissed to get back with Solomon's Goetia spirit to make you fair. I checked Goetia . There is no spirit specifically endoved with the power to make the collor change though there are a few spirits that can change your form much like Kamarupa Siddhi of Indian Tantrs.





1st I Would Like To Thank You Because You Are The Only Person Replyed Me,.. I Think Till Today Nobody Asked This Type Of Request In This Forum,..

Your Information Is Gr8, But If You give Information About That Siddhi Which you Posted, I Will Be Thankfull,..

As I Heared What Ever Siddi Or Mantra Should Be Taken From A Person Who Already Made Siddi And Get Successed I Mean A Perfect Genuine GURU

Then I Dont Know Anybody Who Already Achieved It,..

If You Know Any Guru Please Let Me Know, i Will Request Them to Make Me His Shisya And Hear Mantra From Him,..

If You Are Successed In Siddi I Won't Hesistate To Learn From You,..


And I Heared Somewhere That,..

ALl Will Not Get Guru For Mantra-Upadesh

So A Person Write In Magzine That,..

If You DOnt Have Guru,.. Do Like THis,..

Write That Mantra On A Paper, Read Loudly Infront Of God,.

Make Pooja For God Which I Like

Then Start Mantra,..


Like This, If You have Any Please Post Me,..

And From When To Start THis Mantra,.. And Some more Information Like

On What I Should Seat To Read Mantra, WHich Mala To be taken To Count,

Which Direction Is Safer,..

Actually I Am From A Middle Class family, Living In A Small Rented House,..

And In A gr8 City Bangalore, So I Wont Get River Or Good Space To Start

So You Can Suggest Me Where To start This

And tricks tips,..


As My Knowledge Tantra Is Powerfull Among That Group,..

By Using Some Physical Properties(Items) Like Root leaf Basma And All

We Can Achieve Any Thing wirthout Mantra And Yantra By Using Combinations Of That,..

If What I Said IS Correct,..

Please Post me Some Tantras Like That

Thank You

Good Day


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Dear Serchingeye

Let me clarify on the onset That I am not a siddha guru of the kamarupa sadana - that is I have not practiced and attained siddhi of this mantra.

Hence I cannot be your guru on this. I replied to your quiry from my knowlegge of mantras. And I dont know any guru attained this siddhi. It is said in himalian region as well as in tibetan monastries such masters exist. But this is rumour I dont know any body like that persollaly.


If you are interested in intllectual knowledge I can help.

There is a tantric text Called Tantra Raja Tantra. It is awailable nowadays in publised form by Arthar Avalon. You need some one with sanscrit knowledge to understand it. Get a copy of it. and get it transalated the sadana of a goddess called Nila padaka. Do that sadana till you attain siddhi. Once you attain siddhi on this then there are varouos powers that can be obtained by this. Kadka, Paduka, Ajjana, Pichasa, Vedala, Vijaya, Kamarupa, Yakshni and chedaka are the different siddhies. Each of these will give different powers .

Of these Kamarupa siddhi Will give one the power of taking any form at will.

Once you succeed in the nilapataka sadana, then chant this mantra for kamarupasiddhi:

Madha kamarupam me dhehi dhrave nidhya

This mantra when made siddhi by huge number of repitition gives the power to take any form at will.

This mantra will work only for one who has made siddhi of Nilapadhaka.

I cannot give the long details of this sadana in this forum Tantra raja tantra gives the detail of this worship.

It is tedious and long practice . You need to do pooja and recite the mantra of the goddess for many years and rigorously. If you are ready for all these then you can attempt this. You will not succeed in this if your interest is short lived.


If you dont have a guru god can be your guru, provided you have a favorate god and are devoted to that god.

I donot know any beeds, tolishman and that kinds of objects to give this siddhi. You need to take up the sadana of the goddess Nilapadaka and sustain it for manymany years.



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Dear Serchingeye,

If you want to start any mantra with out a siddha guru, Go to the presence of Dakshnimurthy ( some traditional south indian temples of siva will have Dakshnimurti pradista) on a holy day. Usually any astami didi or triyodasi didi in the evening (Pradosam day) are considered to be good days and time. Any good thursday too can be a choice .

Dakshina murthy is the teacher god. He is the guru for all vidyas and the first guru for all. Prey with devotion and complete surrender. White flowes bel leaves and chenna gram mala are normally used in his worship.


Having worshiped with devotion and having surrendered to him completely pray to be your guru for a choosen vidya and mantra. Then chant ganesa mantra. Meditate ganasa in the mooladhara . ( Root of your spine - actually the space between your sex organ and anus. You can feel a soft portion , by touch, between the organ of sex and anus - this is the place where ganasa sits. Meditare there with a ganasa mantra - om jam ganapadhaye nama will do) Then take up the desired mantra and chant it silently in the space of your heart ( Not the physical Heart- not in your lefrt side but in the very centre of your chest where the physical heart is situated- but at the centre of your chest) These is where god of the mantra resides. Chant it for 18times or 108 times or 10008 times seated in the presence of Dakshinamurty. (The number really doesnot matter . Your firm resolve that you are adopting this mantra is all that matter. Hence a minimum of 18 will do. )

From then on do regular sadana being seated in privacy . Your own house will do provided you have a private room. If you donot have privacy search for an open door place where you can have privacy. If you cannot manage it a temple will do. in that place where you have choosen for your sadana be seated in any comfortable posture Padsmasana, siddasana, swastigasana, sugasana - any will do. See which posture is comfortable for you to sit for long period with out strain. that is the right posture. Then chant the mantra mentally for long long time. 108 is the minimum at a sitting. this is a general rule. For gandarvarajamantra which i sharred with you you need to chant it around 320 times not less than this. The more you chant the better. Your mind should completely get absorbed in the mantra. This will happen in due course when you are regular and rigorous. Every day without fail on particular time you should chant the mantra silently . The best times for practice are sandhyas : Morning (sunrise), midnoon, evening sunset, Midnight. You can also chant during Bhrama muhurta the close hours before sunrise. Face north or east.


Adopt minimum rictuals and donot bother about too much rictualism - which mala, which directon which colour dress and flowers exactly howmany times exactly which place - ignore such rigidity - it woill only make you either confused or the the sadana tedious. ( Though some tantrics are very perticular of such bminute details) . the most impotant factor of success is r absorbtion of mind of the mind on the mantra in one pointed focuse. Dharana it is called in yoga. The mantra should occupy your consciousness exclusively to the exclution of everything. But initially if your mind wanders donot fight your mind- you will get tird. Bring back the mind to the mantra awareness repetedly again and again patiently and gently. Do not get frusstrated. The mind will get absorbed in due course.


Keep you mantra a secret. Do not reveal to anyone till you obtain siddhi. And Do not change the mantra every now and then. (You should get married to the mantra and live with it).


This is the way to do mantra sadana. if you persist on this signs will start apprearing. miraculas things will start manifesting. Your desires start getting fulfilled. Ultimatly you will have the vision of the devata of the mantra. and you will merge with that devada- you will become that devada . This is called Sayujya -the highest achievement of worship.


By the by, A small piece of advice from my side . Dont waste your time and energy on for small objectives. What you desire today desperately will become nothing of impportance to you in due course. Your mind will change. For example you might desperately crave for a handsome appearance and beautiful wife. But when you really get them you will get bored of the same things very soon. This is a fact of life even if you dont see the wisedom in it right now. Mantra sastra is a great science. If you are determined to practice it use it for the highest thing that is possible. Donot go for small small things that will lose ther value tomarrow.


I have given every information that is needed for starting your practice.

And I share this by my personal experience, (Though I have not taken up the mantra that you have asked for).


I do not know any short cut tantra without mantra siddhi. Some tantrics do claim wearing cetrain obljects like rudraksha , tolisman, lucky stones and the like will help. i personally never belived in them and didnot expreriment with them. Hence I dont know any such tantra with out mantra siddhi - if you are asking for such things. (If at all they work they work by the power of mind- there is no power in the objects themself. If you are lucky to find a powerful siddha with power, he/she might infuse that personal power in any object and give you. That might work. But if you just acquire the objects without such infusion of siddha's power it will not do anything for you) .




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Dear Ravindran ji,


I read your answer to mantra sadhana, do understand the concept that one should get married to the mantra and get absorbed to become that God, but what if make short term goals and wish to achieve them before I seek the actual big thing. What if I wish to get a beautiful wife, then which mantra and how to chant it in this busy schedule (I mean the minimum chants or procedure to get maximum results, there must be some way?) and after I achieve a good wife, which mantra to chant how to get a son? Also a mantra to achieve anything I wish for please.


For looking good or staying young is this mantra correct? (Om Sham Shemam Roopam Soubhagya Deeptaya Deeptaya Phat) if yes, what is the procedure with it, if not, can you give a mantra to look handsome & stay young?


Thanking you.

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