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Astro_tech Ji, Deepa Bhandari sirs pls help fix my lagna

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Respected learned members,

In our life, several incidents carry significance and the time & period sometimes attracts attention.


I like to invite all learned astrologers of this forum to discuss my horoscope regarding an important incident that took place in Nov 22,2006.


To recollect my birth day is 27-feb-1983 7.25 to 7.29 AM. USRji clarified the lagna is Meena and time is 7.29 AM.


Rasi chart per Meena lagna: mars and exalted venus in lagna. Rahu in 4th place, saturn exalted in 8th, Sun in 12th, Mercury in 11th, Kethu in 10th,moon in 6th and jupiter in 9th place.


On Nov 5,2006 I started my first abroad trip amidst tough pressures and enemity in job that ran in Sep,October 2006 during sun dasa -- rahu bhukthi.


On Nov 22,2006 in morning time (EST) from 10 AM to 12 PM a very important and notable incident took place. Its storming effect in my mind remained until Jan 31,2007 and from Feb 2,2007 pleasant period back in India started.


On nov 22,2006 I had already started Jupiter antardasa in Surya Maha Dasa. Jupiter lord of lagna sits in 9th place in my chart.Insipte of that, the incident was not a good one.


Can learned people analyze my chart and the prevailed thithi,star on that day (per US timings) to justify that event?


Also I would like to invite astrologers to throw light on the longevity in my chart and the dasa--antar dasa when it will happen? Any chance to that happening within 32 yrs??


Also in the near past I started sun dasa -- saturn antardasa in Aug 2007 when I was in singapore. I came back to India on my own efforts in October 2007 and again started to US on December 16,2007.But due to enemity and cunningness, I was sent back to India on March 20,2008 but again I started abroad on April 26,2008(sun--sat--rahu pratyantar on this day). All of the incidents in sun dasa -- saturn antar dasa. Why the failure and evilness caused by the malefic effect of saturn could not last longer? Which force is protecting me and sending me to the foreign country again and again? Humbly request to throw light on this also.


Jai Sri Ram.

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