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Ohe! Vaishnava Thakura

Shrila Bhaktivinoda Thakura

ohe! vaishnava thakura, dayara sagara,

e dase karuna kari’

diya pada-chaya, shodha he amare,

tomara carana dhari (1)

O worshipable Vaishnava Thakura! Ocean of mercy! Be merciful upon this servant and,

giving me the shade of your feet, purify me. I am taking hold of your lotus feet!

chaya vega dami’, chaya dosha shodhi’,

chaya guna deha’ dase

chaya sat-sanga, deha’ he amare,

bosechi sangera ashe (2)

Help me subdue the six urges¹ and purify my six faults,² please bestow upon me the six

qualities of a devotee,³ and offer me the six kinds of devotional association.4 I am sitting

in your association, hoping to receive this.

ekaki amara, nahi paya bala,


tumi kripa kari’, shraddha-bindu diya,

deha’ krishna-nama-dhane (3)

Alone, I do not have the strength to perform my harinama-sankirtana. Please be kind

and give me one drop of faith. Please bestow upon me the priceless treasure of krishnanama!

krishna se tomara, krishna dite para,

tomara shakati ache

ami ta’ kangala, ‘krishna krishna’ bali’,

dhai tava pache pache (4)

Krishna is yours! You have the power to give Krishna! I am nothing more than a beggar

running behind you, calling out “Krishna! Krishna!”

1) chaya vega, the six urges: vacah - speech; manasah - mind; krodha - anger; jihva - tongue; udara - stomach; and upastha - genitals;

2) chaya dosha, six faults that spoil one’s bhajana: atyahara - over-eating or over-collecting; prayasah - over-endeavor; prajalpa - idle gossip; niyama-agraha - following rules and regulations mechanically with too much attachment; niyama-agraha - overly neglecting rules and regulations; asat-jana-sanga - associating with worldly-minded persons; laulyam - ardent mundane greed;

3) chaya guna, six qualities that enhance one’s bhajana: utsaha - enthusiasm; nishcayat - firm faith; dhairya - patience to achieve prema; bhakti-anukula-pravritti - accepting activities that are favorable for bhajana; asat-sanga-tyaga - giving up mundane association; bhaktisadacara - good behavior for devotion;

4) chaya sat-sanga, six true ways of association with devotees: dana - giving charity to

devotees; pratrigraha - accepting gifts in return; bhajana-katha-shravana-alapa - hearing

and discussing topics on bhajana; mahaprasada bhakshana - honoring mahaprasada;

bhojana dana - giving prasada.

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bija, Amazing. A few minutes ago I was wanting exactly what you just posted!! So now I am even happier. I have this song playing on a continuous loop as I am reading, Sri Caitanya-bhagavata and I am in total bliss. I will print-out your posting. Tomorrow night I am having friends over and I will play this for sure. ...rsd

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Jai Rohini...I have been singing Vaishnava Thakura and the other songs since you posted them. Bliss....thank you!!!


The lyrics to this song...wow...perfection...


No, perfection isn't reached until you play Ohe Vaishnava Thakura on a continuous loop while reading the book indulekhadasi so kindly introduced me to: Sri Caitanya-bhagavata (translated by SarvaBhavana das). I swear, this is even more perfect. The two together are like pure spiritual magic.

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Gee that's a good book...so simple and so esoteric....the average traveller could miss the sweet sweet nectar.


What's going on in the heart when such simple writings give so much satisfaction to the soul...


Glad to hear your day has been blessed in devotion:).

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