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after death for labour class people??

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This question is mainly attributed to society and environment, particularly of Indian labour class.


When you see the taxi drivers, AC maintenance guies, milk man, vegetable vendor, farmer in the farm land,auto guies, etc you could see a sense of more physical energy and massive force in their personality. I have seen that they are always in a happy mood laughing among themselves and at the same time respective only to the affluent people.


However I have wondered so many a times, how their level of consciousness will be. How their mindset will be.


We white collar people analyze on vedas, dharma, re-incarnation, papa,punyam, Vaikunta, Shiva Agama etc, discuss philosophical things in forums, spend money for visiting temples or a astrologer etc. We fear death, ask solution to heart attacks, aware of our cholestrol levels. In precise, we approach every situation or area of life with a inquistive, doubtful mindset only. We are so delicate and always under constant need of someone from the above labour class group.


Now the question is -- the Divine force which is the highest cosmic energy source is common to both the physical labour class and we guies. But the physical labourers level of consciousness cannot grasp the idelogy we speak about (even when you explain in their language they cannot understand 99% of the topics of this forum for example). Also they are more sexually provocative. In short, they are at grosser levels, physical levels, body levels. Their consciousness is nothing but the vibrations of their body and its pleasures/pains. But our case is that we do everything on the mental level, we live in a world of thoughts, subtler than the physical and we express that subtle entity through our physical body. Hence after death, what will be the path for those labour class? Is it that most of them are not eligible for Moksha because they have lived a life of physical pain/pleasures throughout?


Or if they get Moksha, how can we justify the same? The soul in their body, the eternal entity is not yet developed and it did not act enough through its mind and body when it lived in earth. Then how they will

moksha? (Ofcousre I am talking about the average case, not taking into account rare cases of divine intervention, the cosmic will or near death devotion)


Also in another end, I am thinking that those labour class are more oriented towards natural living, they are more primitive but more natural, reflecting one of the old human species. Their life is focussed towards nature. They share the pleasure of nature and the pain.


Please share your thoughts on this subject.

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