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my experience and advise on nadi leaves

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Dear all,

I could see from this forum that many of you are behind the naadi leaves in particular and astrology in general. I am dividing the mass of nadi seekers into two categories -- those who want to read naadi for problem solution and those who want to do some research on it.

I myself, once was much interested in the nadi related topics. But from my experience I would like to comment on certain things here.

Nadi astrology is a branch of astrology that certainly involves some mantric rituals at some point. The great sages like Agasthyar and siddhars like Kagabhujandhar are no doubt to be respected.

But in their names, the nadi people certainly do some sort of cheating nowadays.Miracles dont happen just like that. And this many branches of nadi centres all over India is quite unbelievable.New branches are coming in cities like Bangalore, Pune and New Delhi. The nadi leaves were once very rare and available only in selected places like Vaidheeswaran kovil, Kolli hills near Salem, Achirupaakkam, certain parts of Malai Naadu(hill places) and to some extent in Kerala. (I heard the koravar community of hill places like Valli Malai who worships Lord Muruga possesses Skandhar Naadi which is very accurate and precise but entirely rare)

So the real thing happening now is that they apply the naadi principles to those who visit and read a near matching leaf after finding the names with the help of Karna yakshini devatas. In many places, I have noted that they dont really read from the leaves and their eyes are unsually half closed as if propitiating a kshudhra devata. Late B.V. Raman the renowed astrologer has found in his research that many nadi centres apply the principles of tantrism to do mind reading to find out the names and other details. In my experience I once tried always chanting the rama mantra "sri rama jaya rama jaya jaya rama" fixing my mind on Lord Rama during the Yes or No sessions and the nadi guy miserably failed to find out the names even after 3 bundles.( happened in nadi center Sukar nadi, Puthur, Trichy)

Hence I request all learned and affluent men of India and Abroad -- please dont visit the famous centres in big cities or register through Internet to get your nadi readings done. I can definitely say it will never help. An empty vessel makes noise but the learned nadi reader will be simple and contended. Please have faith in Shiva or Vishnu and constantly chant some slokhas and mantras. Regurarly visit the nearby temples and sing bhajans. That will really help overcome all your miseries and obstacles in life. Singing the holy names of Lord Vishnu is the effective means of cleansing the bad thoughts and karma in this kali yuga.

In shanthi kandam, the nadi readers say to give money or ask to visit this temple or that temple which is far off. I have often asked them "what if I worship in the nearby temple and follow righteous principles? Will the bad effects not be reduced? Is it not that our Hinduism says Bhagavan exists everywhere?" Certainly the all merciful Divine will bless you from wherever you are calling Him for help. If you have true aspiration and sincere & harmless wish, it will definitely be answered by the Divine. Hence dont get afraid or confused when the nadi readers command you to do pariharam at his place or this temple or that temple. From whaterver place and situation you are, call for the Divine intervention and help.

For instance, Jeeva Naadi is extremely rare amidst all naadis and only certain naadi readers after following strict principles of austerity can read Jeeva naadi that too only for the destined people at the destined time. It is not a wikipedia computer to respond to all your queries at frequent intervals.

So please dont be addicted and believe in all nadi centres blindly. If you are really inquistive to find nadi leaves, you should visit Tamil Nadu temples and many places to find out the truth.

You go on some pilgrimage to remote places and you encounter a simple nadi centre in a hut or brick house -- you visit the centre -- you will find that the people are so respective and courteous -- the place is very devotional with pooja articles and deity photos -- they pray and begin to read the naadi leaves -- they give the details accurately -- you see important marriage or child chapter to know your would be and your jobs -- you become happy and contended -- donate money and come back happily -- you proceed with your career and forget all about it -- years later when marriage takes place with same accuracy you are thrilled and contended -- this is the typical thing that is expected to happen. Those who are lucky and destined will meet such genuine centres which are Adv free and find their readings. Not like this -- they give an advertisement or write episodes in newspapers or invite online registering and we people give all details directly or indirectly only to end up giving this much money to the astrologer.

Your karma will never get cancelled by giving money to anybody for any sponsor pujas. The divine requires your inner silence, aspiration, devotion, confidence and purity -- once that is achieved everything you ask for will manifest.

I will continue posting my research in nadi.

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