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Does soul evolution exist?

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I´ve read hundreds of spiritual books(buddhism,occultism,yoga,Krsna-

philosophy) and I´ve NEVER even heard that there would NOT be soul

evolution(that there are different soul types who pursue their own karma

and intrests for learning more and most souls are not even intrested about

enlightenment because they have still much to learn).But now I have a Krsna-Master (Sankarshan Das Adhikari) who tells me that soul evolution

doesn´t exist that there are only souls with different qualities that they have gathered in just a few lifetimes time and that ALL people CAN become

Krnsa-Bhaktis and to become enlightened in this lifetime.I still cannot believe that there would not be soul evolution,but I´m not sure.


Any opinions about this?

Thank You:Jack







Dear Master Sankarshan Das Adhikari


You wrote to me about "Soul Evolution" that all humans can become Krsna-Conscious.

Then what do you think about this:


There is even a science of old and young souls:old souls have bodys that are not very "hedonistic" because they do not need to experience much anymore through their bodys(their body is not very sexy and not very strong,usually thin) and their basic mindset is good,intellectual,

depressed and deep.While young souls have very hedonistic bodys(sexy and strong) and their basic mindset is aggressive,violent,stupid,sex oriented.And ALL the people that I know who are in any way intrested

about spirituality have these old soul qualities(even I have that body and mindset).You have even your self written in your thought for the day that people who are intelligent and good will become Krsna-Bhaktis.(I have NEVER seen any really sexy woman to become even intrested about enlightnement.)(And it is said that here in Finland there are more old souls than in many other places.And that is quite obvious when I look at people in here.)


And there are thousands of spiritual studies about higher spiritual spheres where one can see all the souls of humanity.And there one can see that the souls of humanity are advancing and evolving slowly from just a small point of light in to very large sphere of light.(My "ex-buddha -master" who had clairvoyance told me that I am a "Light-Soul" which means that I am far on the road to enlightenment.And also he told me that about 10lives ago I had still much to learn and I was experiencing some really troublesome things,but now I have already learned it all and much better.She also told me that I have been meditating for many lifetimes before which is the reason that I am this far now.)


I am so far in enlightenement that when I was little I used to think that I could be God because how else could I explain that I was not conscious about anyhing else expect me.(And I dont mean it just as a

"thought game" that ANYONE can do,but that I EXPERIENCED my consciousness deeply.)And for me is takes only a few years to become enlightened while for most "normal" people(most people for instance who are meditating in the Buddhist-Center) it takes at least 30-50 years.(If they are at the level of soul evolution that they have just found out about enlightenment.)


But you wrote to me that anyone can become Krsna-Conscious,does that mean that perhaps anyone can become Krsna-Bhakti but NOT a Buddha?


Still there is the ultimate point that not all people can become Bhakti,or Buddha is the fact that there even still has NEVER been more enlightened people on this planet but a steady at the MOST 20%,which happens to be also the amount of Old Souls on the planet(40%young and 40% middle-aged and 20% old souls).



Thank You:Jack








Dear Master Sankarshan Das Adhikari


I still think that soul evolution exists because it makes PERFECT sense.I for instance think that it makes perfect sense that:


Younger souls DO NOT find life horrible and depressing,because they still are in the state of experiencing things they are quite happy with their lifes.They are not intrested in spirituality because they find their life satisfying enough.(Even one of my friends who knows everything about enlightenment is still not seriously going to meditate because he is quite happy with his life.)


Old souls on the other are the ones who think that life is extremely depressing,horrible and they feel an emptyness inside themselfes that nothing can satisfy(which is why many old souls can become drug addicts(one of my past friends had read hundreds of spiritual books and was like me in that he found life horrible and empty:so he instead of meditation started to use drugs)).I myself for instance have always been so disturbed by peoples way of acting which I´ve found always to be so demonic that I´ve always tried to live as far for people as possible(about ten years ago I was happier than living anywere else when I lived in a small house of my own in the middle of a forest with the closest person being 8miles distant.Now when I meditate I have been able to overcome that feeling for the first time in my life and I have not had to artificially distance myself from people to feel peaceful,but I have been able to be with people and feel peaceful.Also I´ve found EVERYTHING about life distressing:the fact that I could get at any time some kind of physical injury and feel horrible pain,that I had to wake up in the morning really tired to go to a job,that no one loves me(younger souls are more sex oriented and thus only look at the physical attributes and thus are not intrested in me even if I am extremely romantic person),that I drank at times for even a week of beer to numb my longing(that was in fact the ONLY thing that made me feel good) just to have a horrible hangover that lasted for days in wich I thought

I would die(in fact even if I have not been drinking now for three years because I´ve meditated properly for that time,I still do have many times in which my body still gets the craving),that everyone everyhere is wathing me with a hateful face and no one really does not give a "s++t" about me and that most people could even beat me up any moment if I would not have been using a spiritual protection from early on,that people eat and kill animals,that people have disgusting sex,and the list goes on and on.I´ve thought about killing myself a million times and even tried a few times but got lucky that the pills that I took did not quite kill me.For me there has never been even second of doubt about NOT becoming enlightened or to NOTto meditate when I found out that spirituality and God really DOES exist after reading many many books when I was about 13 years old.And in fact I began to meditate even already then by trying many meditation techniques for some minutes when ever I felt like it.And I finally got the response to my hearts longing and the worst pain was taken away immediatelly when I meditated for a few days an hour at a time so that I´ve never been at least SO depressed as I was then.


And like I´ve got rid of my need to become a hermit,I´ve also gotten rid of everything on this list now that I have been meditating for three years.


But younger souls on the other hand would not be bothered at all by everything I have been bothered with,and they would be quite happy/(all in their own souls manner and way in which they can experience the things that are most important ones to that particular soul) living such a life.



-Soul Ages-


"Each soul is a certain age: Infant, Baby, Young, Mature and Old which are divided further in seven levels. Soul Age identified how old we are on this planet, not how many planetary cycles we have experienced. Even if you are a very old soul planetary-wise who came out of the Tao or Universal Oneness eons ago, you still will start out as an Infant on each new planet you chose to live on. Each and every soul must go through all the stages of maturity, with each level consisting of several lifetimes. You keep doing the level until you achieve your goal and get passed your obstacle. An Old Soul is no better than a Young Soul -- we all have gone through these ages -- just as all of us have grown from childhood to adult. A soul age can never regress -- only move forward.


Baby Souls: These souls seek out higher authorities to give them structure and meaning. They find comfort in knowing what to expect and are unshakeable in their beliefs, because believing "outside the box" is frightening to them. Baby Souls gravitate to mainstream and fairly rigid religions, to structure organizations like the military, the NRA, etc. To them, the world is only black and white, with no shades of gray. Around 40 lifetimes are needed to complete this age.Charlton Heston and Jerry Falwell are examples of Baby Souls.


Young Souls: The United States is currently a Young Soul nation. You can see it in television and advertisement. Body beautiful, "Nip/Tuck", fascination with models, etc. Young Souls are all about themselves. Youth, beauty and power. Success drives them. They strive for a good education, preferably at an Ivy League university, then to become rich and famous. Young Souls heavily identify with their bodies – sometimes to doing all they can to preserve their youth. They usually regard death with fear. Around 25 lifetimes are needed to complete this age. Donald Trump, Wayne Newton, and Arnold Schwarzenegger are Young Souls.


Mature Souls: These are the souls who are being to seek the truth. They begin to look into alternative religions and ways of life. They are open and curious. Relationships are all important. It is no longer the "me" attitude of the Young Soul, rather they now have a "we" attitude. Mature Souls will sometimes leave everything behind (jobs, wealth, etc.) to pursue a life that is much simpler. Around 25 lifetimes are needed to complete this age.


Old Souls: These souls are the teachers. They have gone through all the cycles and now are ready to help the younger souls with their journey. They realize that they are only a small part of the whole and can see the connection between everything else and themselves. They dislike having to conform to a 9-to-5 job and are much happier in a job that allows them freedom."


Now,you´ve written to that there is no such thing a soul evolution,just qualities that one has been gathering in a few past lifes.

But STILL I cannot see HOW could it be possible that there has NEVER been anymore enlightened people than at the most perhaps 20% in the entire history of our planet,IF they could all become right now enlightened???!!!


That does not make sense,but THIS does make sense:


INFANT 10% 500 million


CHILD 23% 1.1 billion


YOUNG 32% 1.7 billion


MATURE 24% 1.2 billion


OLD 11% 550 Million



Which clearly indicates that there can never be more than about 10-20% of enlightened people on this planet because there are no more old souls than that.


What do you think about this?


Thank You:Jack


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I didn't read all the letters but you idea or young souls and old souls is not correct. Krishna explains in the Bhagavad-gita that all souls are eternal which means beyond such designations as young or old.


First grasp that understanding then everything else will be easier to understand.


The souls (us) have free will and so we can de-evolve as well as evolve. That is we can move towards God or away from God. We can even move one way then change our minds and move the other than back again. The idea that there is some kind of automatic one way progression of soul development is an erroneous one propagated by a lot of new age teachers. It is not factual.

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The souls 'love' is ever new and ever increasing, when it is situated in truth.


In sanskrit nava means ever new. Krsna's beauty and charm is ever new in the eyes of Srimate Radhika and the gopies.


So spiritual existence is a postive and progressive immortality. Loving dealings between the soul and God, the whole and the part is never stagnant but ever increasing.


So I guess you could call love evolving. But we must ask what is evolving? And the word evolve may be an inadequate english word with incorrect connotation for us english speaking people.


The soul has an original established identity (steady), unchanging and eternal. But the quality of love within the soul is ever expanding. Love is an unlimited ocean, so the bliss and rasa of relationship between lover and loved is also unlimited.


Your teachers answers are correct in regards to the soul I would say, he is a very good teacher. Maybe you should ask him about the 'ever new nature of love' of the soul....and the science of such love? In time he will teach you all these things as they awaken in you by chanting of the Holy Names.


your servant, Nava.


ps. I did not read your letters closely either. Your master is gracious and will read your letters closely, and guide you step by step into the science of love. Be patient and listen to him closely, then approach 'him' with your doubts. He is a good Vaisnava.

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