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Rama Navami fasting

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Hi everyone,

This coming monday is Ram Navami, the appearence of lord Ramacandra. I have some doubts regarding the fasting procedure. I read in Srila Prabupadaji's lectures that one is suppose to fast till sunset and have little fruit or milk even better if one doesnt have water. Is this all? what kind of food can one have after breaking the fast? just the normal vegetarian prasadam?


thanks and sorry for being so ignorant :(


hare krsna

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I use the calendar linked below, which says to fast til Noon, then after that, observe an Ekadasi fast (no grains or beans) until sunrise of the next day:




There's also an Iskcon GBC calendar which says to fast til sunset, but doesn't specify whether to follow an Ekadasi fast or not:



Wish I could be of further help, but that's all I've got.

PS: Depending on one's location, Rama Navami may be on Sunday, not Monday. Both calendars linked above give info based on your location.

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