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An Expression !

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Hi All !


People with different colours,shapes,sizes.....with minds having different likes, dislikes, temperments, fears.......people analysing, judging, critisizing, pretending, worring, ....where does this all take us? No matter what u do....a day comes where you leave everything you have ever achieved, fought for......you die!

What really matters? does it matter if you loose an argument. does it matter if you are praised? Nothing ever matters.....because they don't fetch you the perfectness you desire.

most of the times we be good to others not because its a good way to be but because we r scared that they might think we are bad or they might not come for help when in need.

when we are open expressing our likes,dislikes,temperments and fears...people can't accept you as you are because they have expectations from you and you can't impress them all! what some likes could be disliked by others.you can't keep changing yourself according to others expectations. Then how should you be? should you be open to be judged,analysed,hated or made fun of? or should you be reserved and misunderstood by people, of being proud.

i thinkyou should be what you are and ignore others comments, expectations, judgement etc. you should not expect anything at all...not love, not respect, nor help...nothing.

you don't have to be harsh on others who are bad towards you.

you don't have to be judging or hating towards others no matter how worse they are because you are not as same as them.

You are pure.you don't hate.you don't have expectations,you have no fear,you don't worry of consequences as your conscience is as pure as that of an infant.you don't need to argue to win because you are already a winner.

(people argue to prove they are correct...their words and thoughts are right and that of others is not right...you don't need to make other belive and follow ...rather you just express yourself with out imposing)

Now that you are perfect you are ready to take any comment,insult,or disrespect with out their effect on you. you will not be moved by any petty things of this world.

You are as sweet as God !

love you all !

Hare krishna !

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