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Scriptural quote regarding knowledge.... an inquiry

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I came across this verse today. Posted below is the verse and translation. The ebook where I read this mentioned that this verse comes from smriti without describing from where exactly. Can someone tell me which scripture this verse is from and in what context is the statement being made? Thanks!!


Achaaryaath paadam aadatthe

paadam sishya swamedhayaa

paadam sa brahmachaaribhya

sesham kaala kramena cha


This is an important advice given in smruthies. It means a person can get only one quarter

of knowledge from Achaarya - the teacher, another quarter by analyzing self, one quarter by

discussing with others and the last quarter during the process of living by method addition,

deletion, correction, and modification of already known aachaaraas or new aachaaraas.

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