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Please analyse my chart

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Hi Astro Pandits,


Please analyse my chart from the perspective of how my remaining rahu dasha and guru dasha is going to be? As Guru suffers from Kendradhipati dosha and Bhadaka, I am keen in knowing.


I am currently running Rahu Moon.





DOB: 28<SUP>th</SUP> March 1974 around 13:00


Latitude and Longitude details


11 04

76 16 60


Ayanamsa : Lahiri




Gemini : ASCDT 23 degrees, Saturn 5 degrees

Scoripio : Rahu 29 degrees 51

Capricorn : Venus 27 degrees

Aquarius : Jupiter 11 degrees, Mercury 16 degrees

Pisces : Sun 11 degrees

Taurus : Moon 8 degrees, Mars 24 degrees, Ketu 29 degrees 51



Taurus : ASCDT

Cancer : Mars

Virgo : Venus, Ketu

Scorpio : Saturn, Sun

Capricorn : Jupiter

Aquarius : Mercury

Pisces : Moon, Rahu

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