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are you Gay? Is your friends Gay? As I want to know whether these gay feelings are a choice of that person, or are they from birth? Can they help being gay?


As if it’s not a choice and it’s in the genes or something then that makes it a svabhaav which the Kaaran Shareer (causal body) has carried into this life from the past life on account of some sin that may have been carried out somehow. If it is a choice than that person is ignoring the words of God and is being ignorant therefore is acting how he/she desires to act and therefore is prone to sin unless they change.


Whereas, if it’s in the gene then it’s from past lives. I also want to know whether being gay can be helped. I’ve never actually realised the answer to these questions. Like I said if it can’t be helped then it’s the causal body, which is the cause of the qualities, attributes, feelings etc. that they have in this life due to the actions of the last life.


Now there are 3 types of bodies that all living creatures possess. Firstly the sthool body (the physical body), secondly the sukshma body (subtal body) which is made of 19 elements which include the five gnan-indriyas (cognitive senses), the five karma-indriyas (conative senses), the five breaths of life and the four antahkarans.


Svabhaav’s are the person’s vicious nature such as lust, anger, greed, jealousy, egotism. They attach themselves to the Causal body.

If being gay is because of the causal body this would mean that this svabhaav exists because of habits formed after repeated actions, in this birth or in the past life’s. Hence I ask whether gays are gays by choice or without choice. The eradication of all of one’s svabhaavs and feelings of body-consciousness is necessary in order to attain ultimate liberation. So to go heaven you can’t be gay, bi or even straight. LoL. You have to become a true one minded devotee of God Supreme. That’s where satsang comes in.


And the thing is that only Satsang can do this. Without Ekantik Dharm you cant attain heaven. Only satsang can help eradicate such svabhaavs. As you are without desire and know the greatness of God Supreme this is possible. Only the association and service to God, a true saint or a true bhakt can eradicate the three bodies even of the past lives.


So about the gay, lesbian or even straight being good all their life but no satsang I think this would be the answer:


If they do manav seva (serving humans) and have good desires, they will definitely be reborn. They are reborn and enjoy the good deeds of the past life, whatever the causal body consists of, will be the reason for the physical and subtle body the soul gets in the next. They may even have to suffer in hell for the very little sin they may have accumulated. This pain of hell may even be minute. All depends on the sin.


If they have evil desires or bad deeds or tendencies (such as need for sexual gratification, rape, paedophilia, desire for adultery, have jealousy, have greed etc.) they will surely suffer in Hell and then be reborn.


If they have no such tendencies they will be reborn straight away and enjoy the fruits of their good deeds they may have performed in their previous life. If the deeds are extra great they may even go to the realm of the demigods and enjoy the pleasures of that abode. But ones the fruit of such a good deed is over the soul will be reborn into a good family and have a great life. Yet this great opportunity of leading a good life may also fail if they yet again perform sins. So it’s not all about Good deeds accumulated by Manav Seva.


However, a person who is not within Satsang may have served a true devotee, saint knowingly or unknowingly. Then they would attain Heaven in the next few lives. They would have to pay for their deeds no matter what the case however in these lives. The opportunity to realise God would be much greater for that person i.e. being born into a family who has sanskaar, faith etc. However they have to be on the path of satsang, if they stray and sin then it’s the same circle again. This goes the same for any straight, bi or even gay people. It’s the same for everybody.


Hope this helped.


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