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Formal converion to Hinduism

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Yes, one can convert to the Sanatana Dharma / Hinduism. However, one simply should not enter into it blindly, one must chose one of the sects to convert to - Saivism, Saktism, or Vaisnavism. Each is a distinct religion in and of itself, having its own saints, temples, metaphysics, and culture, although they all share a common ground with the Vedas - the source of all Hindu thought and the world's oldest scriptures.

Could some one help me out? I need specific links / literature how one could FORMALLY CONVERT (in the Vedic culture) to Hinduism to EACH sect.

Now a proud self-professed Hindu.

Om Shanti.


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Guest guest

As you said it there is only vedic dharma,

its not about the sects,

its what one want to explore,

is it,rituals,vedanta,bhakti,or a diety,

there is wide range,

find yor guru,hw will guide what is best for you,


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