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who is guilty in a crime?

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One day, Nasreddin Hoca by entering his stable found that his donkey was missing, his famous donkey (playing important roles in many stories, sometimes named: Qaraoglan) was stolen during the night! Then Nasreddin met his friends, told them about the theft, and he was cursing the thieves or thief, whoever it was. "Excuse me, Nasreddin", said a friend, "it is your fault, in my opinion, because you hadn't made the stable strong enough; you should have reinforced the door with iron bars and a strong padlock, that the thieves could not break". Another friend said: "well, I think the whole neighbourhood is responsible for this, everyone must care for the neighbour's safety; here they jemmied a door, stole a donkey, how come nobody saw or heard anything?!". Another said: "sure, the donkey himself is guilty for this. If he brayed and kicked, there would be so much noise, that the thieves would not be able to steal him. Treacherous animal! So many years with Nasreddin, they became so close, so dependent to each other, and then he follows the thieves with no resistance?!". "Well yes", someone else said, "but the government is surely to be blamed here: why isn't there an effective police? if there were, the thieves would never dare to steal, and even if they dared, we would be sure that they would be caught!". "My friends", another one said, "do not forget 'kismet': everything is pre-destined; if it was God's will that the donkey should be stolen, no police and no person could prevent it". Upon hearing all these opinions, Nasreddin exclaimed: "so, the thief himself has no guilt at all?!".

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