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Vegan Pet Food for Dogs and Cats

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I have a small Jack Russell/Fox Terrier who was been with me for some years. He came into my life before I decided to be more committed to devotional life. I had tried for years to wean him on prasadam. But each time I tried to wean him his weight loss was too dramatic. So instead I was feeding him a dry food with just chicken in it ( no cow). But still this was not sitting right in my consciousness.


I have sourced this Vegan Pet Food from the internet. My dog weaned onto it very quickly. At first he would not eat it, so I started giving it to him for treats. Now he loves it.


I have found this food to be a good staple and source of vitamins for him. And the strange thing is, now his taste for prasadam has increased. After years of trying to get him vegetarian, now he is eating dahl, rice, and vegatables. And fruit.


His temperament seems to have changed also (or should I say mine). Much more mellow in his disposition, and he seems more responsive and affectionate.


So it is good now that there is a meat free house for both me 'and my dog'. Where no cruelty to animals is involved.


I have no affiliation with the company that sells this Vegan Pet Food. I just wish to share about it with other devotees who may be having trouble getting their cats and dogs on a meat free diet; and who desperately want a meat free house. And for people who love animals.


Here is my dog in a state forest, next door to a Hare Krsna Farm for retired cows:[ATTACH]1371[/ATTACH]


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