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at that time I was not initiated

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Even you... I have pictures of you on the Bhägavatam when you did not have

shaved head, with a mustache when you were doing your business as a

householder. So does that apply to householders, or only to brahmacärés,

that a householder must also keep a shaved head or is that...?

Prabhupäda: At that time I was not initiated. You were seeing my picture,

mustaches, at that time I was not initiated. Since I became initiated, I

have shaven.

Devotee (1): Well, in India where one can do business...

Prabhupäda: I can... Why you are bringing this question? You ask, "Why you

had mustaches?" I say when I had mustaches, at that time, I was not

initiated. That answer is given. That's all.


>>> Ref. VedaBase => Room Conversation -- June 26, 1975, Los Angeles

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