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Small Queries to Rafal ji Help me Hare Krishna

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Sir Rafal,

I had a few questions, pls reply.


1. what may be the indications if UL, in virgo, has surya placed in it? Since surya represents father-in-law, would there be an influence of his?

2. you said that venus in 7 or 12 from UL means trouble from sister-in-laws, what may be you'r views on having mars in 7 and ketu in 12?

3. UL lord mercury is placed in 2H, and being aspected by moon, would one conclude that one would have a goodlooking spouse who is influenced by mother-in-law?

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Respected Gurus,

Please help me.

I am learning astrology.

But my kundli is too complicated to predict for a begineer.

I am giving my details.

Please tell me what to predict.

Date and time of Birth : 11/10/1986 , 14:45

Place : Morbi(morvi) ,Gujarat, India

Gender : Female


Please help me in solving following questions :

1)Do I have love marriage or arrange?

2)Time of marriage

3)Do I have "kal sarpa yoga"?

4)chances of foreign travel


According to my analysis :

lagna chart :

Moon and Mars are in capricorn and in lagna.

Moon is the 7th lord.

Moon and Mars are aspecting 7th house.

Sun and ketu(in virgo) are in 9th house.

Rahu(in pises) is in 3rd house.

lagna lord saturn in 11th and aspecting 5th house.

Atmakarka is Venus.


Navamsa :

Taurus lagna and venus in navamsa lagna.

Sun at 4th but in its own sign.

7th lord mars(in pisces) is with (debilitated and vargottama) rahu.

Ketu(vargottama) is at 5th (in virgo) and aspecting mars and rahu.

There is "parivartana yoga" between 11th(lord jupiter )and 12th lord (lord mars).



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