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ganja, hashish

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Are these two names for the same thing or different preparations of




gan.ja (gän?j?) noun

Marijuana, especially a highly resinous form of marijuana prepared from the

flowering tops and leaves of selected plants and usually ingested by



[Hindustani ga?jha, hemp resin, from Sanskrit ganjya-, of hemp, from ganja?,

hemp, alteration of g?nja?.]


hash.ish (hash?esh´, -ish, ha-shesh?, hä-) also hash.eesh (hash?esh´,

ha-shesh?, hä-) noun

A purified resin prepared from the flowering tops of the female cannabis

plant and smoked or chewed as a narcotic or an intoxicant.


[Arabic ?aAiA, hemp, dried grass.]

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Please accept my respectful Obeisances, All glories to Srila Prabhupada,


Maharaja, Ganja usually refers to the plant material in its basic form, dried or fresh. It widely refers to any form of cannabis.


Hashish is a resin made from the flowers, by extracting and compressing the THC producing glands of the bud.

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