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Help save the brutal destruction of Vraj mandal

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Shree RaadhaaKrshnaabhyaam namah

Shree Chaitanya Mahaaprabhave namah



A lot of persons are unaware of a horrbile fact that since last quite a few years, our Divine Vraj-Mandal is being breached deeper and deeper and is being badly hurt. Brutal destruction is being caused by some mining mafia.


Dangerous activities by some mine-mafias have endangered the safety and serenity of the Braj-mandal. a detailed report of the brutal destruction could be found here http://www.brajrakshakdal.org/Kalchakra/Kalchakra-Hill%20Edition.htm


Brajrakshakdal, literally meaning a group of guardians of Braj, has been fighting against such evil. It's web-adress is http://www.brajrakshakdal.org/


As a part of their on-going resistance agaisnt such evil, they've put online, a writ-petition to the supreme court of india to meddle in and stop these demons from hurting the land and destroying the Divine land of Braj!


You all are requested to kindly come to the stage and unite together to fight this demoniac act of the mining mafia.


You will find the online writ-petition here... http://www.petitiononline.com/Barsana/petition.html

its your duty, mind well, to save the Braj!



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